Tagrunner Brings Instant Order and Completeness to PC-Based Music Collections


Karlsruhe, September 26th, 2005 – RapidSolution Software today announced the release of Tagrunner, software for Microsoft Windows that automatically searches the internet for missing ID3 tags, album cover artwork and lyrics for PC-based music. The software, available at http://www.tagrunner.com, brings instant order and completeness to even the largest music collections.

Big Music Collection = Big Chaos

PC-based music collections requiring multiple gigabytes of storage space are becoming today’s norm. Inconsistently populated information like title, album, artist, etc., typically stored in “ID3 tags,” can create a feeling of chaos as the music collection grows. Details like album cover artwork and lyrics are often missing entirely. Tagrunner automatically retrieves and completes the missing information for every track in any music collection.

Perfect Multimedia—at Home and Underway

Users of home entertainment systems and karaoke software stand to benefit further from Tagrunner. Such systems often rely on specific ID3 tags to enhance the user’s multimedia experience and perform essential functions. Tagrunner painstakingly searches more than 10 of the largest music data information sources on the internet to find the required information. Music enthusiasts can then enjoy a heightened multimedia experience when using the Windows Media Player, the Winamp Player or an MP3 player.

Learning Function Enhances Results

New internet search resources are made available to Tagrunner on a regular basis via server update, empowering Tagrunner to continually improve the efficiency and scope. This capability allows Tagrunner to set a new standard in speed and accuracy for search results—even with exotic music.

Free Evaluation and Introductory Offer

An evaluation version of Tagrunner is available on the Tagrunner web site. Normally priced under €20,00, Tagrunner is being offered for a limited time as part of an introductory software bundle that includes Radiotracker, RapidSolution’s successful internet radio recording software. The bundle is priced at €19,90/USD24.90.

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