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Audials Apps on everyone's Lips


The Audials Radio App from Audials AG for Android, Windows and iOS could convice YouTubers, bloggers and also magazines in the past weeks.

New! Audials Informer Newsletter


The best app tips, the latest Audials charts for music and movies and a new update.

New! Audials Informer Newsletter


Audials Charts for music and movie recording, another Tips & Tricks workshop and Audials Software Update News.

New! Audials Informer Newsletter


New Audials charts with music hits and movies and a new Audials workshop.

Audials One 12 is Software of the Month


One of the leading German computer magazines awarded Audials One in their May issue.

Audials Radio is the first choice of PCtipp


The leading swiss tech-magazine PCtipp.ch recommends the new Audials Radio app for Android.

New! Audials Informer Newsletter


Audials 12 Update for Spotify™ recordings plus Music & Movie Charts, now with Wishlists of the Community's Top 10 most famous Artists.

Audials-12-in-120-Seconds Videos


Learn more about the most important functions and advantages of Audials 12 Windows software in only 120 seconds.

5-Star-Rating for Audials Moviebox


Giga reviewed & rated Audials Moviebox 12 with 5 Stars

Version 5 of Audials Radio Android App forges ahead with lots of new functions


As the world-leading software producer for intelligent radio entertainment, Audials AG is providing new functions and improvements with the release of version 5 of its Android Audials Radio app. The app is available from the Google Play app store for Android smartphones and tablets.

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