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New! Audials Informer April 2019

The most thrilling movies and series and the latest songs are waiting to be discovered by you. We start this spring with a lot of power and in an excellent mood. And we want to share this energy with you! Get the spring power with the Audials Informer for April 2019! 

Brand New – Only the Newest Songs!

Which songs have recently been published and have the potential to become great hits? You will learn it here: Audials Brand New playlist

Music Charts – The Best Songs from All Genres

You want a music collection that comprises all facets of music? In the Audials Music Charts, all genres are included, form pop to oldies. 

The Recent Movies, Series and Soundtracks

Which movies and series are worth watching on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video? Which soundtracks are worth listening to? You can learn it here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks.

Enjoy this Spring with Audials Moods

The days are becoming longer and the first flowers start blooming.  We want your spring mood to become more intense. Therefore, we have created a special spring playlist. You can get it here:  Audials Moods.

The Best of Independent Music

Do you feel like getting music that is outside of the mainstream? Then we recommend you the Independent Hits of the Month

Audials Podcast of the Month

You have access to thousands of podcast and you do not know which of them you would likt to listen to? Then click on Audials Podcast of the Month and you will get a recommendation. 

Audials Lyrics

We have chosen a song by Flora Cash this time. Curious? You will find the lyrics here: Audials Lyrics.


Chris Martin (Coldplay), Liza Minnelli, Elton John and Lady Gaga had their birthdays in March. Their short biographies are published in Tribute

Tip of the Month

You wonder how to record films and series from Amazon Video? You will find the answer how you can do that on our Facebook channel

You missed an Informer?

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