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New! Audials Informer August 2019

Do you feel like getting new music from all genres, the newest chart songs, and much more? We would like to offer you the best entertainment and cause positive emotions. Have fun trying it out!

The Recent Chart Songs

Those who always are interested in the newest music will find a selection here: Audials Brandnew Charts.

Entertain Music

Pop, Rock, US Single Charts, Dance, Oldies, and more: You will find a playlist for all genres here: Entertain Music

Movies and Soundtracks

Which soundtracks are worth listening and movies and series worth watching? You can learn it in the Audials Movies and Soundtracks section. 


In Audials Moods, you will find playlists for various purposes. Maybe, you need some sad songs or, on the contrary, party songs, music for calming down, or love songs?

The Best Independent Songs

You have a huge collection of mainstream music and want to diversify it? Then you can click here: Independent Hits of the Month.

The Audials Podcast Tip

All podcast fans will find the podcast recommendation here: Audials Podcast of the Month.

The Lyrics of the Month

Of course, the music and the optical aesthetics are important for music videos. But what did the songwriter want to describe? That is also an important aspect of a song. In Audials Lyrics, we present you a lyrics you could like. 


You can also listen to music by singers and band members, who had their birthdays this month, in Audials Tribute.

Tip of the Month

Which radio station is most suitable forrecording? In Audials, each station has a recordability symbol in the form of three bars. If all bars are white, Audials will detect the songs very well. If the bars are gray, an automatic song cutting is not possible, so please click on "Record show" in the radio station context menu.

You missed an Informer?

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