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New! Audials Informer February 2019

We have selected for you the best current charts and former hits. Futhermore, we recommend to you a podcast, a lyrics and information about musicians who had their birthday in January. Have a nice time and enjoy the entertainment! 

Brand New

We have ten of the best brand new songs for everyone, who always wants to listen to the most recent music. You can follow this link: the Brand New Playlist

Audials Music Charts

Audials Music Charts is a selection for any taste: You will find there rock, pop, US single charts and much more. You also can discover new songs. Just try it! 

Series and Movie Soundtracks

Do you like soundtracks in recent series and films? Then you will like the Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

Do you want to make sports, to get rid of stress or to fight winter blues? Audials Moods will help you. 

Indie Music

Those, who want to diversify their music collections, should look up in our Independent Hits of the Month

Podcast of the Month

You would like to learn about new aspects in your everyday life, but you dislike reading books? Then discover the invisible and fascinating world of design and architecture with the help of the Audials Podcast of the Month

Audials Lyrics

People often pay more attention to the music of a song than to the lyrics. That is not fair and should be compensated, at least partly. Therefore, we regularly publish one lyrics in Audials Lyrics

Tribute – A Homage to Selected Artists

Some singers had their birthday in January and we present short biographies of some of them in Audials Tribute, as always. We do not only choose artists who are popular nowadays but also those whose songs were popular in the past. 

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