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New! Audials Informer January 2019

We will offer you the best recommendations from the realm of music, podcasts and movies – for a great start into the new year. 

You Will Find The Newest Hits Here!

The Audials Brandnew playlist is a collection of songs who have been released recently. Impress your friends with your knowledge about the recent songs. 

Music Charts

Pop, rock or music charts from the past: Audials Music Charts is a good choice for nearly all music fans. 

The Best Movie and Series Soundtracks

It can happen that you love the soundtrack in the recent film but you do not know the song title. We try to help you with the Audials Movies and Soundtracks list every month. 

Audials Moods – Happiness Non-Stop!

There are days in our life when some things go wrong. Did that happen to you? Then take a break. Audials Moods will help you. 

The Independent Music

This part of the Audials Informer gives you the opportunity to listen to completely different music. Especially when you already know all the other genres. You can follow this link: Independent Hits of the Month.


You do not know which podcast you should prefer? Then go to the Audials Podcast of the Month. This time, you will learn al lot about the linguistic peculiarities of the English language. 

Lyrics – Enjoy the Poetry in Your Music

If you like to read lyrics and to think about them as if they were a poem, we will give you the opportunity to do that. Every month, you will find a lyrics in Audials Lyrics


Audials Tribute offers information about singers and musicians who had their birthday in December. You will find a list with the best songs by these artists, too. 

You missed an Informer?

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