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New! Audials Informer June 2019

We have selected for you the best songs, movies and soundtracks and we wish you a perfect entertainment in June!


You are looking for a playlist with the recent music? We can help you with the Audials Brandnew Charts

The Most Popular Music Genres

In Entertain Music, you will find various songs sorted by genres, both recent chart songs and songs you will like listening to again and again. 

News from the World of Movies

Which new movies, series and documentaries Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have released? You will learn it here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

You need music that motivates you to do sports? Or to relax and get rid of your stress? Audials Moods is the perfect solution.

Independent Music

You are looking for non-mainstream songs for your music collection? Then click here: Audials Independent Hits of the Month

Audials Podcast of the Month

If would like to keep informed about subjects like science, technology, the Internet and more, maybe you will like the Audials Podcast of the Month

A Lyrics to Think About

“Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max has been in the charts for the last months. Now she has created another chart hit. In Audials Lyrics, you can read its lyrics. 

Tribute – The Singers of the Month

You are interested in the greatest musicians’ biographies? Then you might like Audials Tribute. Among other things, you will learn here what Adele has to do with the Spice Girls and why Janet Jackson initially did not want to perform. 

Tip of the Month

This time, our Tip of the Month is about how you can schedule a radio recording so that Audials will record music from a radio station within a period specified by you. 

You missed an Informer?

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