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New! Audials Informer October 2019

Do you already know? Audials has released the 2020 software generation with new features. Like this, you can record music even faster and more comfortable: Download Spotify with 15x speed, record some music streaming services in HiFi or Master quality and import chart lists from websites as Audials playlists. 

You cannot get enough of music or you have one or more favorite categories in the Informer? Like always, you will get here a music selection. 


You will obtain ten of the best new songs in Audials Brandnew, the most popular part of the Informer! 

Entertain Music

Which music genre do you most often listen to? In Entertain Music, you will certainly find something you like. 

Movies and Series Tips

The best movies and series on Amazon and Netflix are listed in Audials Movies and Series. Additionally, there is also a playlist with series soundtracks. 

Entertain Moods

Romantic, happy, melancholic songs or music against stress: That are the types of songs you will find in Audials Moods

The Podcast of the Month

Do you need an idea which podcast is worth listening to? We can give you a tip here.  

The Lyrics of the Month

We will tell you only one thing: The lyrics of this month will be romantic! 

Independent Chart

Are you an indie music fan? We have a playlist for you here: Independent Hits of the Month


Two artists had their birthday this month. Unfortunately, we also have to say farewell to two further musicians. A selection of their songs can be obtained here: Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

A new feature in Audials 2020 is recording Spotify per drag & drop. You can save time like this because it is not necessary to play the songs back. Here is the instruction. 

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