Am I allowed to record music and video streaming?



Audials offers powerful streaming recording software. So the question arises "is it allowed to do that?"
The information on this page relates to the United States of America. The situation may differ in other countries.



Streaming-Recorders are generally allowed

To own a streaming recorder that does not "crack" any DRM protection but rather records like Audials is clearly legal under US copyright law.
Additionally, section 1008 of copyright law specifically states that you cannot be sued over music recording.

In addition, copyright expressly allows a certain “fair use” of copyrighted works, the scope of which is, however, clearly limited. But be aware: copyright law clearly does not allow you to “share” or otherwise distribute any recordings.

More info on copyright regulations.



Attention: Agreements with streaming service in terms & conditions

When you register or subscribe to a streaming service, you may enter into agreements with the provider, e.g. by agreeing to their “terms & conditions”. 
What is precisely agreed and valid in the terms and conditions of individual services, is a complex field and changes frequently. Note, however, that you may have agreed to not record from the streaming service.


We recommend that you check your agreements and always adhere to them.

If you break an agreement with a streaming service, it could happen, for example, that they notice this and block you because of it. (So far this seems to have happened in rather rare individual cases).




Data protection: Does a streaming service "notice" that it is being recorded?

In general, it looks technically "the same" for a streaming service, whether you are only listening or watching, or recording - it does not "notice" the recording at first.
However, the recording can “leave traces” with the streaming provider if certain Audials functions are used, which remotely control the streaming software, or “let the time pass faster” in order to achieve a more convenient or faster recording.


Information on technical details of detectability.

But regardless of whether a streaming service notices it or not: Please stick to the agreements you made with the streaming service.

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