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Why can’t I make video recordings?

Users often believe that recording software simply records videos or movies directly from a platform in the same vein as tapes and DVDs once were, or as DVRs are used today to record TV programs.

Internet recordings are much more complicated than TV recordings!

To make a TV recording, there are just two devices and a signal. To make a recording online, there is  great deal more to consider.

Instead of recording from the same source, as with TV, making recordings from countless portals and their continuously changing software and myriad of different operating software presents a host of new challenges as the recordings of videos and movies, which are fought against tooth and nail by website operators, are made for various PCs with assorted browsers in all sorts of versions.

Countless sources, no set standards and a high degree of complexity all equal one big challenge

The Internet is constantly changing, which makes life incredibly difficult for Audials software.

With all the supported portals and platforms out there, Audials software has to be able to handle more than a thousand different combinations. Therefore, Audials aims to cover the largest number of possible combinations and greatest amount of recording compatibility possible with the three available types of Audials software. There are no set standards used by recording sources, and the operators and platforms do not inform us when they change or switch software. This puts the onus on us to continually seek out the changes to any source and equip Audials with updates to handle the changes to technology.

Audials faces challenges head-on

Only a few software manufacturers are able to develop recording software for all sources and platforms, and Audials software is the only software that offers recording functionality for a wide range of sources. Come and see why Audials is the first name in video recording from any streaming source! Enjoy all the benefits Audials has to offer!

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