How you can record Soundcloud to MP3

You like listening to music from streaming services but your internet connection is not reliable? Then it is better to record your favorite songs and to listen to them offline. In this article you will learn how you can record Soundcloud songs to your Windows PC.

Step 1: Download, install and open the Soundcloud downloader tool "Audials Music"

Audials Music

Download and start Audials Music. Switch to the Music Streaming view. 

Step 2: Play back the music in Soundcloud

Click on the Soundcloud tile. Then open in your Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser and play back the music that you would like to record and save.


Step 3: Audials Music will record Soundcloud to MP3

The Soundcloud music streaming is automatically recorded and the music saved as single MP3 files, perfectly tagged and in highest audio quality. That's it! Now you know how to record from Soundcloud with the Soundcloud recorder Audials Music!


What is the Soundcloud downloader doing exactly?

The Spotify audio streaming is automatically recorded, separated into individual files, converted into your preferred file format like MP3, WMA, AAC or others and tagged with ID3 tags, album cover and song text. The completed files are then displayed in the Audials player on your right. You can now play the files with Audials or drag & drop them into another application or Windows Explorer to export them.

Is there another way to record Soundcloud with Audials Music?


Yes, there is another way. You have just learned how to record from Soundcloud by playing back the music. Maybe you want to complete your music collection and add some single songs. In this case, you can also use the following recording method that does not require to play back the music:

Step 1: Start Audials Music

Open Audials Music and switch to the Music section. Now open the Load tab.


Step 2: Activate the filter bar

If you do not see the orange Soundcloud icon in the Audials Music filter bar, click the eye icon underneath the serach bar and activate "Show filter bar". Now you can activate and deactivate all streaming services that Audials Music will browse.


Step 3: Search for music

Now type your search terms in the search bar. Audials Music will find almost anything you need. You can search for artists, songs or albums.


Step 4: Save the desired music as MP3 to your PC

Once you have found what you were looking for, you can save it to your computer. Click the context menu of a single song or an album to record the audio track.


Which further features does Audials Music offer?

  • Audials Music enables you to record albums, playlists and single songs from various streaming services
  • With the built-in converter you can convert the audio files to play them back on iOS, Android and further devices
  • The powerful music manager can rename and retag your songs fast even if you have half a million of music pieces on your hard disk
  • You can choose in which folder Audials Music will save the music and whether it will be sorted by year, album, etc.
  • Create your own playlists

How to record songs from soundcloud online for free


Why spend money if there is the opportunity to use a free Soundcloud downloader tool? You can download music ftom soundcloud by using the following online tools:


However, it is recommended to avoid using them because you do not know whether the MP3 file you will get will be legal.

About Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a huge music platform that launched in 2008. You can try Soundcloud Go+ for 30 days for free and then using it will cost $ 9,99 per month. There is also a subscription for $ 4,99 per month with less functions.

Please note

Music from Soundcloud™ is copyrighted. Any redistribution of it without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. Audials AG is not affiliated with Soundcloud™, nor the company that owns the trademark rights to Soundcloud™. This page is provided for compatibility purposes only, and in no case should be considered an endorsement of Audials Software products by any associated 3rd party.


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