The best Amazon Prime Video downloaders - free and paid

Last updated: May 5th 2021

Each month the well-known streaming Amazon Prime Video presents new series, movies and documentaries that many people around the world enjoy watching. The problem is that your favorite movie will not always be available on Amazon Prime because the content is updated regularly. What can you do in order to be able to watch your favorite videos again and again? You can record them with an Amazon Video downloader tool. As various manufacturers offer their tools on the internet, we have searched for the best ones and will compare their pros and cons in this article. 

Amazon Video Downloader 1: Audials Movie


Audials Movie offers users many features so that they can easily capture Amazon Prime Video and watch the movies or series later. 


The Amazon Prime downloader enables you to save videos in HD and automatically in the optimal frame rate. If you activate the GPU encoding, Audials Movie will use the maximum performance of your computer to provide a high quality video that you will enjoy. After the video is recorded, the tool will automatically search for movie tags. 


If you do not want to watch the video while it is recorded, then save time! You can play it back and record it in 2x speed. With the batch recording function Audials Movie will save all movies you desire for you overnight. 


Furthermore, Audials Movie is not just for Amazon Prime. You can also use it for your Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ or other subscriptions


You are skeptical when some manufacturers of recording tools ask you to enter your Amazon Video login data into their software? Then don’t worry! Audials Movie will not ask you for your credentials because you can play back Amazon Prime in your browser, as usually. 


Please note that Audials Movie only supports Chrome, Firefox and Edge, but not other browsers like Opera. The tool can be used only with Windows or Apple (via Parallels). You can purchase Audials Movie with a 14 days money-back guarantee. 


  • get a high quality video in HD 
  • Audials Movie chooses best frame rate 
  • GPU encoding 
  • automatically searches for tags 
  • 2x recording speed 
  • also get the subtitles 
  • batch recording 
  • records other streaming services 
  • your Amazon Video login details are NOT required 
  • 14 days money-back guarantee 



  • does not support the Opera browser (but only Chrome, Firefox and Edge) 
  • only available for Windows and Apple (via Parallels) 

Prime Downloader 2: EaseUS RecExperts


You need a very easy-to-use Amazon Prime recording tool? The screen recorder EaseUs RecExperts is the right pick for you. You can decide whether you record the entire screen or only a part of it. With EaseUs RecExperts you can also zoom and use the other additional features (which are, however, less interesting for Amazon Prime videos like the recording of mouse cursor movements). 

A great disadvantage of EaseUs RecExperts is that you can only record in the same speed as the video is played back

If you consider that EaseUs RecExperts does not offer functions for the user to make recording easier and more comfortable, its price ($39,95 per year) seems a bit too high. 


  • record anything on your screen 
  • you can record parts of your screen 



  • No further useful features for Amazon Video recordings 

Prime Downloader 3: Kigo Amazon Video Downloader


The Kigo Amazon Video Downloader enables you to record videos from Amazon Prime Video in 1080p (HD). Just copy the URL of the video into the tool and it will save it in MP4 or WMV. 


Before purchasing the tool, you have to become aware that you will need to enter your Amazon credentials into the tool. Furthermore, contrary to Audials Movie or EaseUS, Kigo only records from Amazon Prime, not from further sources.


If you visit the website of AVC, you will see that they offer the TunePat Amazon Video Downloader in Products that has the same user interface as the Kigo Amazon Video Downloader. The price for the yearly and monthly subscription is the same, but currently the lifetime version costs $129,90 which is $ 30 cheaper than on the Kigo website.


  • Saves videos in HD
  • Easy-to-use



  • Amazon Prime Video credentials are required
  • does not record from other sources

Prime Downloader 4: Any Video Converter Ultimate


Any Video Converter Ultimate by AVC records anything that is played back on your PC screen. To start recording, open the Any Video Converter Ultimate, switch to the Record Video tab and choose the folder where the video has to be stored. Choose the settings you need for the video and then click the Record now button. A small window will pop up that will ask to choose the recording area on your screen. When everything is fine, click the record button. You have to start and stop the screen recorder manually or you can use the autostop feature.


Besides screen recording, you can use this tool to burn DVDs, to convert or edit videos and to play them back.


According to the manufacturer's website, a batch recording feature is available, but unfortunately, it seems that it is not available for Amazon Video. It is correct that the tool offers you many features but they do not make the streaming recording itself faster.




  • records any video content from screen
  • autostop feature
  • burns DVDs
  • built-in video converter
  • video editing



  • 1x recording speed
  • batch recording not for Amazon Video

Prime Downloader 5: PlayOn


With PlayOn, the only thing you need to record Amazon Video is to find it with the built-in browser and to click the recording button. PlayOn will save the desired video to your PC. It is an option to record the subtitles, too. 

The search function of PlayOn could be a problem for those who do not like to entrust their Amazon credentials to anybody because PlayOn will ask you to do so, otherwise recording is not possible. 


  • very simple to use 
  • subtitles are optional 



  • asks you for your video streaming service login data 
  • No GPU support 

Prime Downloader 6: Ukeysoft Screen Recorder


The UkeySoft Screen Recorder will save everything that is shown on your screen or a part of it as MP4, FLV, AVI or WMV. Similarly to EaseUs RecExperts, it offers you additional features like recording the mouse cursor, but also watermarks and screenshotting. A GPU acceleration is included, so that videos can be exported faster. 

But you have to remember that the resolution of your video depends on the size of your screen


  • GPU acceleration for fast export 
  • universal screen recorder 



  • Recording quality is limited by screen size 

Prime Downloader 7: FonePaw Screen Recorder


The FonePaw Screen Recorder is a tool that records the full screen or a part of it that you need in MP4, MOV, F4V, WMV and other formats. You need to preset the frame rate manually before you start recording. 

Although the tool is suitable for any video content, the manufacturers focused on recording tutorials as you can record the mouse clicks and mouse movements. 

A helpful feature of the FonePaw Screen Recorder is that it can hide the system taskbar and the desktop icons while a video is screen recorded

But you have to note here too: As you just record what is shown on your screen, the resolution of your video will depend on the screen size


+ records any video content that is shown on your screen 
+ hides system elements that are not required while recording 



no automatic frame rate detection 
Recording quality is limited by screen size 


Prime Downloader 8: TunePat Amazon Video Downloader


The TunePat Amazon Video Downloader has a simple user interface. Just copy the URL of the video into the tool and then start the download.

With TunePat, you can save Amazon films and series in HD quality, and if you want, also with the subtitles.


Before you can start recording, it is necessary that you log in to Amazon Prime via the recording tool.


If you have subscribed to other streaming services, you will have to look for further downloader software. You will have 5 days after the purchase to decide whether you want to keep the TunePat Amazon video Downloader.


  • recording in 1080p
  • saves subtitles
  • records Amazon after copying and pasting the video URL



  • 5 days money-back guarantee
  • Amazon Video credentials necessary
  • costs $ 49,95 per year
  • only for Amazon

Prime Downloader 9: FreeGrabApp (Free Amazon Prime Download)


FreeGrabApp works similarly as the previous Amazon Prime downloader tool: The only thing you have to do is logging in to Amazon, copying the URL of the desired video and starting the recording in the FreeGrabApp FreeAmazonPrimeDownload. And after some time you will have a video file on your PC, optionally in HD (1080p).


However, please note FreeGrabApp also will ask you to enter your Amazon credentials into the tool.


A further disadvantage that has nothing to do with the videos itself: The software only exists in English which is not really user-friendly.


Last but not least: If you install and open the software, it will be named FreeAmazonPrimeDownload, but on the website it is called Free Amazon Prime Downloader which could be confusing for the users.


  • saving videos by copying & pasting URL
  • HD quality



  • you will have to enter your login data into FreeGrabApp
  • only English user interface
  • it is not clear what the real name of the software is



Here is an overview of all the described tools: 

 Audials Movie

EaseUs RecExperts






Free Grab App

Recording speed2x1xno info1x1x1x1xno infono info 
Batch recording
Amazon Prime credentials required---- 
Best frame rate automatically-------- 

* lifetime

** yearly



There are many interesting tools for recording streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. If the recording quality is not really important for you, a screen recorder will be the best choice for you. It allows you to create tutorial videos or to record computer games.  

But if you are interested in high quality recordings and building up a video library you will often use the recording tool. Then it will be useful to record  several videos overnight or to use the highspeed recording feature. In this case, Audials Movie is the best tool to capture Amazon Prime Video. 

Get on board today and benefit from all Audials Movie features with a 14 day money-back guarantee!

You want to know how Audials Movie works or how you can use it to record Amazon Video?

Please note

Videos from Amazon Video™ are copyrighted. Any redistribution of them without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. Audials AG is not affiliated with Amazon Video™, nor the company that owns the trademark rights to Amazon Video™. This page is provided for compatibility purposes only, and in no case should be considered an endorsement of Audials Software products by any associated 3rd party.



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