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The best tools to record Netflix

Netflix offers a huge variety of series and films, but the problem is: You need an internet connection when you want to access them. If you want ot watch Netflix offline, you should look for a Netflix recorder tool. We have investigated which tools are the best for recording movies and shows from this streaming service.

Netflix recorder 1: Audials Movie

With the Windows tool Audials Movie, you can record all videos that are available on Netflix and save them on your PC as files for your personal use. You want to have a video collection? Then use the batch recording feature of Audials Movie and record several movies or series episodes overnight.


Audials Movie also has bonus features (for Netflix only): First, you can record the Netflix videos with subtitles. Second, Audials Movie records Netflix in HD. If you wish, you can activate the GPU encoding and Audials Movie will use the maximum performance of your graphics card to provide high quality video files. When the recording will be finished, the tag search engine will search for suitable descriptions (tags). Third, Audials Movie is a practical software for those who have subscribed to several video streaming services because it also captures all other important streams. Therefore, you do not need to buy further software.


A function that makes Audials Movie unique is the fact that it records Netflix in 2x speed. Like this, you can record a 2 hour movie within 1 hour.


If you purchase Audials, you will have 14 days money-back guarantee. Your Netflix login data are protected as you do not need to enter them into Audials.


However, Audials Movie only supports Chrome, Firefox and Edge and not the Opera browser. Please note that it is merely available for Windows and for Apple (via Parallels).

+ 2x recording speed

batch recording

+ records subtitles

can record in FullHD (1080p)

+ GPU encoding

+ records other streaming services

automatically searches for tags

your Netflix login details are NOT required

14 days money-back guarantee

- does not support the Opera browser (but only Chrome, Firefox and Edge)

- only available for Windows and Apple (via Parallels)


Netflix Recorder 2: Replay Media Catcher by Applian

Replay Media Catcher by Applian can save videos from Netflix and also from other video streaming services in a very easy manner. Just log in to Netflix, copy the video URL into Replay Media Catcher and the tool will record it in the background.


But due to its simplicity, the tool cannot offer you features you could need: For example, if the video resolution is 1280x720, it will be downloaded in this resolution although you may need a smaller resolution. Furthermore, it is not clear where you can change the output format. Because it is possible that you do not need MP4. You do not have the GPU encoding either in case you want to achieve the best possible quality. And if you have recorded a video in a format your PC does not support, you will have to look for a converter because in Replay Media Catcher, a converter is not built in

+ saves videos from Netflix, hulu and other streaming services

+ easy download by copying Netflix URL

+ simple user interface


- no GPU encoding

- you cannot choose between several video formats and resolutions

- no video converter


Netflix Recorder 3: EaseUS RecExperts

The EaseUS RecExperts Netflix recorder tool will record anything that is shown on your screen in MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and others. You can record the entire screen or only a part of it. It is very simple to use so that you do not need an instruction. EaseUS RecExperts also has interesting features (that are rather irrelevant for Netflix) like recording the mouse cursor movements, screenshotting or zooming the recorded part of your screen.


As it is just a screen recorder, you will not be able to record in highspeed, so the recording time will be exactly the same as the length of the video. Of course, the GPU support is missing, too. So this tool is not specified in recording Netflix, it has been designed for tasks like recording games and creating video tutorials.

+ records anything that is shown your screen

+ you can choose which part of your screen will be recorded


- no extra features specifically for Netflix

- rather designed for games and tutorials



Netflix Recorder 4: FlixGrab+ Netflix Downloader

The Flixgrab+ Netflix Downloader is a tool with a high usability: Just copy the URL of the Netflix video into this tool and it will save it on your PC. You can choose the video quality before starting the download. You can also save several videos simultaneously.


A disadvantage of the Flixgrab+ Netflix Downloader is that you cannot record from other streaming services. Those who have several video streaming subscriptions will need to buy additional Netflix recorder software. You will have 2 days money-back gurantee. Some users will not be pleased that they have to enter their Netflix login credentials to use the Flixgrab+ Netflix Downloader.


+ easy saving by copying the video URL

+ several recording qualities, also in HD

+ you can stop and resume the download

+ saves several videos at once

- does not support other video streaming services

- 2 days money-back guarantee

- entering Netflix login data necessary


Netflix Recorder 5: AVC Netflix Video Downloader

The Netflix Video Downloader from Any Video Converter (AVC) equally has great features: You can save Netflix videos and series in HD with this software. You will also have the opportunity to record the subtitles and to watch the videos in other languages. The software also has a search function so that the users do not need to search for the videos on Netflix. 


Unfortunately, the software merely records from Netflix. As for the previous tool, you will need to enter your Netflix login data. It costs approximately $40, thus it is relatively expensive. Important to know: You have two days money-back guarantee.

+ records subtitles

+ saves several videos

+ built-in browser for searching for videos

+ maximum quality: FullHD (1080p)

- only specialized in Netflix

Netflix credentials necessary

- costs ca. $40 (for 1 year)

- only 2 days money-back guarantee


Netflix recorder 6: TunePat Netflix VIdeo Downloader

As the previously described tool, the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader has a simple user interface. With TunePat, you can save Netflix films and series in up to 1080p, and if you want, also with the subtitles. The price of the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader is similar to that of the AVC tool. And if you have subscribed to other streaming services, you will have to look for further recorder software, too. Your Netflix login data are required. You will have 30 days after the purchase to decide whether you want to keep the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader.

+ recording in up to 1080p

+ saves subtitles

+ records Netflix after copying and pasting the video URL

+ 30 days money-back guarantee

Netflix credentials necessary

- costs a bit more than $ 40

- only for Netflix


Netflix Recorder 7: PlayOn Desktop

With PlayOn Desktop, you can record Netflix series and movies, but also videos from many other streaming sources. The only thing you have to do is to find the Netflix video you need with the PlayOn search function and to click the recording button. The video will automatically be recorded for you. If you want, you will be able to record the subtitles


However, before using PlayOn you will have to decide whether you trust this manufacturer so that it is not a problem for you to enter your Netflix credentials in PlayOn Desktop. Unlike Audials Movie, PlayOn Desktop does not have the GPU encoding to assure the maximum quality your PC can provide.

+ just find the desired Netflix video in PlayOn Desktop and press the recording button

+ saves the subtitles


- no GPU encoding

- your Netflix credentials are required to use the tool


Netflix Recorder 8: FreeGrabApp (FreeNetflixDownload)

FreeGrabApp saves Netflix movies and series to your PC fast. The only thing you have to do is logging in to Netflix, copying the URL of the desired video and starting the recording in the FreeGrabApp FreeNetflixDownload. Like this, you will get your video faster than when using a screen recorder. With this tool, you will get videos in HD (1080p).


However, please note that you have to enter your Netflix login data into the FreeGrabApp.


If English is not your mother tongue, it would be practical for you if further languages were  available for the user interface of FreeGrabApp. However, this software is available in English only.

+ saving videos by copying & pasting URL

+ HD quality


- you will have to enter your Netlix login data into FreeGrabApp

- only English user interface



All these products have a clear user interface and you will be able to save Netflix movies and series in HD. However, most of the tools are not specialized in recording other streaming services. With Audials Movie, you can record from all important streaming services. You will have 14 days money-back guarantee for a software that has the best price-performance ratio.

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