Enjoy DVD Movies on any Device and archive your DVD Collection

Audials One, Audials Tunebite & Audials Moviebox solve Copy-protection Problems on DVDs

How do I get a Movie from my purchased DVD on my Smartphone, Tablet or Netbook?

Have you recently purchased a DVD movie and would like to play it using any one of your devices? Including your mobile devices? No problem with Audials software. Audials contains an integrated copier, which re-records your purchased and protected DVDs and then saves those files in the optimal resolution for your device and in the right file format. Unprotected DVDs are copied directly and faster. These copies are considered private copies, making them completely legal and letting you play and enjoy your movies no matter where you are.

Protect your DVD Collection from Loss with Backup Copies!

The shelf life of purchased DVDs is usually limited—even if you carefully use the discs and store them properly. The Audials DVD ripper helps keep you from losing your collection with a private copy. Simply re-record the DVD movie and archive the file. Once the original DVD can no longer be played, the private copy keeps the movie in your collection.

Legal Re-recordings of private Copies

In most countries, breaking or circumventing DVD copy protection is breaking the law. Audials, however, offers the legal alternative. Audials can play legally acquired DVDs and make legal re-recordings of them. If you so choose, you can also convert the movie into any desired resolution or file format. These re-recordings do not harm the original files and their copy protection. As long as you remain in possession of the DVD and do not transfer the private copy to anyone else, you can archive your movies or convert them to formats for other devices.

Quick and convenient Copying

Audials copies unprotected DVDs directly and saves the copies in a desired file format. Selecting movies, sub-sections and available movie languages adds further convenience. Audials is easy to use and completes all of its tasks quickly.

Best DVD Recording Quality thanks to Perfect Video Technology

Audials has optimized its legal re-recording function for protected DVDs and the direct copying function for unprotected DVDs. Now your DVDs are played back in an integrated DVD player in the perfect resolution for your device and are recorded straight from the screen. The capture algorithm used ensures that frame drop does not occur, i.e. none of the film images are lost.

The described features of this website are part of:

Blu-ray movies in the right File Format for PCs, Smartphones and Tablets

Blu-ray movies in the right file format for PCs, smartphones and tablets
Audials Software cannot copy blu-ray discs directly. Other software tools can be used to create MKV files from blu-ray discs. However, not all devices can play the MKV video format. Once again, Audials is here to help by reliably converting the MKV video format on movies from blu-ray discs to new MP4, WMV, AVI or other formats without sacrificing any quality.

Test it today

Download the Audials Moviebox demo software without registering. After installing and starting the software, you can get to know the features and functions with no strings attached. If you’re not convinced, you can simply uninstall the software without any residue.

Audials Moviebox is for Starters, Audials Tunebite Platinum is for Media Experts

For getting started, Audials Moviebox is a powerful first step. However, if you want more than just video media, reach for Audials Tunebite Platinum and get all the audio you can handle.