How to record Netflix™ Streaming Movies & Original Series

Description how to capture Netflix™ video streaming and save as MP4 for PC, Smartphone and Tablet

Learn with only 3 easy steps how you can screen capture and save HD Video Streams from Netflix™ to your PC.

1) Install and start the Netflix™-recorder

Download for free and without any registration the Windows software and install Audials Moviebox. It´s easy to uninstall if not wanted.

Start Audials Moviebox Windows software and switch to the “Save video” view located in the “Streaming” section. Select the profile with the desired video file format (f. e. MP4) from “Format” on the downside of your screen.

2) Start the Netflix™ movie or episode

Click the “Video recording” button and in the appearing dropdown-menu click on the tile with the title “Netflix“.  Open in your browser and select the movie or episode that you want to record. The recording of the video stream will start directly when playing the video. Make sure the video is played in original size so that the best possible quality can be achieved. Your progress of the recording will be displayed in the control window.

3) Movie is automatically saved and ready for playback

When the recording of the video stream is complete the movie or episode will be transferred to the Audials playlist on the right side of your screen. The Netflix™ video streaming can be recorded and saved to your Windows Computer in the video file formats MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP or others. The Audials Windows software will tag the file of the movie or the episode of a TV series afterwards. You can now play the video with Audials or drag and drop it into another application or Windows explorer to export it.

Capture & record video streaming from Netflix™ with Audials Moviebox

Capture & record video streaming from Netflix™ with Audials Moviebox

Audials Moviebox streaming recorder has the advantage of preconfigured settings for recording and saving video streaming from Netflix™ and other popular streaming platforms. Netflix™ video streams can be recorded with the Audials Windows Software three different streaming methods. Using the preconfigured Netflix™ stream recording settings, you can record and save movies and episodes of original series of Netflix™. Audials Moviebox is your downloader for Netflix™.

Record all episodes and seasons of your favorite Netflix™ series automatically!

With the Netflix™ recorder  you can automatically record original programs and all other series from Netflix™ episode by episode using the new autoplay function in the video stream recorder. This allows you to save every season of your favorite TV show almost overnight.

Limitations of Netflix™ offline downloads

Netflix™ provide a way to download and save videostreams as video files to your hard drive so you could watch them offline later. But not all movies and series are available for download and you can download the video files to your mobile device only with an official Netflix™ app with the following requirements:

- smartphone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 or iOS 8.0
- latest version of the Netflix™ app
- the ability to stream Netflix™ in HD. Otherwise you’ll have to download videos at lower resolution.

Audials Moviebox wins any competition contest in reviews

Why is Audials Moviebox better than the video streaming recorder and downloader tools of Any-Video-recorder, MovAvi, Wondershare, Replay, AVC, Play On or Play Later? Because the Audials Moviebox could directly record Netflix™ video streaming from PC graphics card with predefined optimized settings for Netflix™ streaming services, records automatically episode-by-episode your favourite Netflix™ series and it is even cheaper than the other Windows tools.

About Netflix™

When you think movie streaming, one of the names that first pops up in your head has to be Netflix™. With a monthly subscription of about $7.99, Netflix™ offers a large selection of movies, TV shows and music videos which can be streamed instantly over the internet using multiple portable devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Netbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Blu-ray Players, HDTVs, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Roku etc. are all included).

With Netflix™ you've got access to top HD TV shows like Frontier, Santa Clarita Diet, Iron Fist, Narcos, House of Cards, Ozark, The Defenders, Star Trek: Discovery, Glow, Riverdale, The Crown, Flash, Marvel's Daredevil, Between, Black Mirror, Sense8, Gotham, The Walking Dead, iZombie, Orange Is The New Black, Reign, How To Get Away With Murder, Longmire, American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Breaking Bad, Once Upon A Time, Scandal, Doctor Who, or Stranger Things.


Please note

Movies and videos from are copyrighted. Any redistribution of them without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. Audials AG is not affiliated with Netflix™, nor the company that owns the trademark rights to Netflix™. This page is provided for compatibility purposes only, and in no case should be considered an endorsement of Audials Software products by any associated 3rd party.