Audials Movie 2020 is the successor to Audials Moviebox. In addition to the popular Moviebox features, all of which are still on board and have been greatly improved, we have a variety of new features for you:

Top image quality like the original - brilliantly crisp

Ideal video quality and a significantly higher performance, especially for high-resolution Full-HD and Ultra-HD recordings. This is what the new Audials Movie offers. The video recording engine has been completely redesigned. The direct access to the graphics card has been optimized for the most important recording sources and browsers  in order to always receive the best quality without losses from Hulu, Disney+, YouTube and so forth. Audials Movie 2020 now uses the brand new encoding technology to get the best possible picture quality with minimum file size, especially in the modern mp4 formats like H.264 and HVEC.

Smooth higher resolution - thanks to GPU encoding

Audials Movie brings the maximum performance out of your PC, allowing for excellent video streaming. By encoding video directly with the latest NVidia, Intel OnBoard, and AMD graphics cards, Audials takes full advantage of the power and lets you record in the highest image quality.

Watch and record Netflix in super-crisp 1080p Full HD

The Chrome browser usually only allows you to watch and save movies and series from the video service provider in 720p resolution. Audials 2020 is the only software that lets you watch and record Netflix videos in top 1080p resolution on this browser. Recording from Netflix: How-to

Record subtitles

In many cases, users have desired this feature. Now it is here! Audials 2020 can now save video files including subtitles. This allows you to follow the story better, for example, when watching movies in a different language, even if you do not understand every word spoken in the movie.

New Live TV shows and a better experience

The contents of live TV are better overviewable and easier to find due to the optimized presentation. In addition, there is now a huge selection of new live streams.

Supports the latest smartphones and tablets

Audials has been updated for being able to save videos in the best possible file format for the very latest smartphones and tablets. This ensures that you can enjoy video files anywhere on your new mobile phone.

Easily transfer everything to your hard drive

A custom interface makes it easy to save videos. During the recording, the updated mini-window gives you important information for creating the perfect video file and you can manually change the FPS rate.


Audials Movie brings a modern design with an intuitive user interface, a sleeker overall picture with optimal feature placement and a smarter visual experience. In many places, technical and graphic innovations ensure maximum comfort and ease of use.