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Upgrade zur Audials 2018
Start Quicker, Finish Quicker! Also features Windows 10 Fluent Design!

Start Quicker, Finish Quicker! Also features Windows 10 Fluent Design!

During the beta test stage, users loved our new Audials Home and were impressed by the updated speed!

You'll be Surprised when you Open the New Audials!

The new Audials only takes five seconds to open when using an average PC. Without our current improvements, some users have to wait up to 13 seconds. The general processing speed has been especially improved for limited-performance PCs. Longer playlists in your music collection are now smoother to use and are no longer an effort for notebooks. Exiting Audials is now also equally as fast.

Looking Good - Audials with reworked user interface and new Windows 10 Fluent Design

Microsoft has started to gradually introduce their new Fluent Design for Windows 10. This didn't faze our usabiliity experts; instead they put all their efforts and ideas into working on and simplifying layouts, menus, toolbars, lists and switches in order to adapt them to the new Fluent Design. Nothing was neglected. Nobody has to miss out on any functions. Users of previous Audials generations will intuitively find their bearings. Audials 2018 is easier to use and, thanks to the new user interface, provides quicker results.

Record movies non-stop

Record movies non-stop

With our new recording schedule, you can put your feet up and let Audials do the work!

Whoever thought that, after our streaming recorder was voted "Software of the Year" multiple years in a row, we would stop improving it should think again. You can now use the recording schedule to automatically and continuously record movies off Amazon and Netflix.

Scheduling Recording on Audials is Child's Play

Scheduling recording on Audials is child's play
  • Briefly let the movie start playing on your browser.
  • Audials will then take note of the link you are streaming.
  • It's that simple - Add the movie to your recording schedule!
  • Once you've collected all the movies you want, let Audials get started with the recording.

How does it work? Once you've sorted out which movies you want to be added to your recording schedule, it takes just one click and Audials will take control of your browser and record each movie in the best possible quality off Amazon or Netflix, taking into consideration the performance capacity of your Windows PC. Simply leave it to do its work over night.

Video on Top

We've thoroughly worked on our video recorder and have made major improvements to the recording process. All previous and new device profiles for smartphones, tablets etc. will benefit from our new Audials encoding backends.

Top-quality Video Recordings

  • We've continued to optimize the recording process for adaptive streaming. If, for example, the provider changes the resolution, the recording will continue undisturbed.
  • To guarantee high-quality recordings, your Chrome browser will be opened in a special mode.
  • With weaker/medium-performance Windows PCs in mind, we have made numerous improvements to guarantee an even better quality of video.
  • Audials assesses the performance capacity of your PC. If it looks as though your PC will be unable to produce smooth recordings, the resolution will automatically be adjusted to a suitable level.
  • Thanks to a number of special optimizations on individual recording sources, Audials will continue to ensure that you can record video streams from the most significant providers in top quality.

Up-to-date Video Encoding

  • The so-called Audials encoding backend that is used to create video files in every desired video format has been reworked and is now completely up-to-date in terms of technology. The conversion speed has been improved for a large number of file formats.
  • You can choose between videos of the same size and better quality or videos of a smaller size and equal quality.
  • With the new encoding methods H.265 or HEVC, high-quality video files are much faster to produce.

Screen Recording Function for your Own Videos

Screen recording function for your own videos

At the suggestion of a number of users, we have introduced a function to the recorder that enables you to record your windows desktop, chat windows or other programs. It's really simple:

  • either make a square with your mouse or select full screen,
  • then click on start
  • and Audials will start recording everything on your screen.