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Audials Radiotracker 2018

  • You'll have instant access to regional, national and international top radio stations of your taste.
  • Fulfill your musical wishes and record entire shows.

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  • Why wait for your favourite track to be played on an online radio station if Audials can get it for you straightaway?
  • Are you a fan of movies and series? Then record them all!
  • You'll receive the latest generation of Audials every year for Windows, Android and iOS free of charge!

Audials Music Rocket 2018 

  • You don't need software that records movies and series? But you don't want to have to wait for your music to be played on internet radio stations?
  • Then Audials Music Rocket is exactly what you're looking for! Audials Music Rocket will grant you much quicker access to your favourite music than Audials Radiotracker.

Audials One 2018

Audials One is the best option for you if you want access to free, legal and top-quality music and media for all devices. This software combines all of Audials' features.