A lot has changed in the new Audials Radiotracker 2019 to make it even easier and faster to enjoy more music and your radio stations in top quality. Here are all the reasons why you should switch:

Global Instant Search in Home even better

Known radio stations, artists, and podcasts are shown first and displayed significantly bigger, which means it is now much easier to find what you are looking for with the new search function. Simply enter the first few letters of the artist or radio station and skip right to the result.

Your Music Styles

New power: My Music & Wishlist

Audials Radiotracker previously had two separate views for Music Wishes and My Music. This has now been combined into the new Music view.

The result is easier operation and grouping of what goes together. Gaps in your music collection can be immediately filled with requests, and fulfilled wishlists can be seen right in the collection.

Wishlist Reloaded

Wishlist Reloaded

In the new Audials Radiotracker 2019, the suggestion function for music, artists, and radio stations has been significantly improved both in terms of the look and functionality.

After entering the song, artist, or radio station you are looking for, Audials Radiotracker 2019 now shows a list with similar artists, playlists, and compilations, through to displaying it in the Music Zoom view.

This means you get new suggestions for even more favorite music very quickly.

Styles: favorite the artists and radio stations that fit your style

Next level radio favorites: you saved your favorite radio stations in the Audials favorites lists because they play the music you like, right? We thought we could do even better: in addition to radio stations, you can now also favorite artists.

This makes it much easier to define the music you like with just a few clicks, and the new Audials Radiotracker 2019 provides many suggestions in addition to your favorite channels! You can thus quickly configure different music tastes and get many fitting radio stations as a result. You can even use color to make things more distinct.

Work Directly with the Content

Radiotracker is the most powerful radio software worldwide. The way recorded music is managed in particular is simply unbeatable, but the many functions made the software a bit cumbersome at times. That has changed now:

Thanks to a completely new operating concept, all functions are now always available right where the content is. Anything that has to do with radios, i.e., listening, recording, and much more, can now be done right on the radio. All editing options for songs are available at the click of a mouse right next to the song.

And the user interface was designed with efficiency in mind, resulting in more space for your contents, radios, podcasts, and songs!

Everything Runs Faster

In our Audials test lab, we launched the software countless times with various PCs of different speeds and simulated dozens of scenarios.

Then we analyzed the results in detail and adapted and optimized the software.

Whether you are launching or operating the software, the new Audials with even more functions runs smoother and faster than all predecessors. You only live once, so don't waste time. Switch now!

Why spend money?


Software is only as good as it is right now. That is why Audials offers weekly automatic background updates. With the new Audials Radiotracker 2019, you will continue to receive all updates and can rest assured that everything works perfectly.

Important information about the Audials services that are only included in Audials Radiotracker 2019


No risk thanks to money-back guarantee!

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