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Upgrade zur Audials 2018
Start Quicker, Finish Quicker! Also features Windows 10 Fluent Design!

Start Quicker, Finish Quicker! Also features Windows 10 Fluent Design!

During the beta test stage, users loved our new Audials Home and were impressed by the updated speed!

You'll be Surprised when you Open the New Audials!

The new Audials only takes five seconds to open when using an average PC. Without our current improvements, some users have to wait up to 13 seconds. The general processing speed has been especially improved for limited-performance PCs. Longer playlists in your music collection are now smoother to use and are no longer an effort for notebooks. Exiting Audials is now also equally as fast.

Looking Good - Audials with reworked user interface and new Windows 10 Fluent Design

Microsoft has started to gradually introduce their new Fluent Design for Windows 10. This didn't faze our usabiliity experts; instead they put all their efforts and ideas into working on and simplifying layouts, menus, toolbars, lists and switches in order to adapt them to the new Fluent Design. Nothing was neglected. Nobody has to miss out on any functions. Users of previous Audials generations will intuitively find their bearings. Audials 2018 is easier to use and, thanks to the new user interface, provides quicker results.

Audials Home - The Dashboard!

Audials Home - The Dashboard!

Every week, Audials Home will greet you with Audials Entertainment Services and other useful features. With our new search function, you can access all sorts of entertainment. Experience the whole package and upgrade today!

The new Central Search Function will find Everything!

As part of the dashboard and a central component of Audials, you can now use a central search function in the new Audials to find the following:

  • Artists, songs from your music collection or even YouTube
  • Radios, podcasts & music TV

You can Type in Anything into the new Search Bar. Simply Type in the First Letter and Audials will get Started:

  • You want to listen to music by the band Imagine Dragons? Type in imag and the rest will follow!
  • Who was Nevermind by again? Type in nevermi and the track and artist will appear.
  • You fancy listening to a Brazilian radio station? brasi is all it takes!

Audials Entertainment Services - new Audials charts and entertainment every week!

We're switching things up: We're going to keep on sending out the monthly Audials Informer email, but users of our new Audials Radiotracker 2018 will now be weeks ahead of everyone. With Audials Generation 2018, you will receive new Audials charts and other interesting editorial services on a weekly basis. It's now worth looking into the new Audials more than ever before.

With Audials Home and Audials Entertainment Services, there is something for everyone:

  • US singles, rock, 80s, pop, dance and music video charts. 
  • Audials moods with playlists for every mood.
  • Audials movie soundtracks and hit series.
  • Independent new releases and Audials Tribute.
  • Podcast charts.

Audials Home is your new Command Centre

In order to get started quickly, you can access many of the main features from the two themed worlds and 8 function areas in Audials Home immediately after launching Audials. You can also continue where you last left off. 

Get started quickly with Audials Home:

  • When listening to the radio, you can select the last station you had on.
  • You can click on the last artist you listened to.

Audials Home provides even more Entertainment with Additional Recommendations

What's new? What's popular? What fits to it?


  • Who fits to whom? On Audials Home, Audials provides recommendations based on the music you’ve been listening to and artists with similar music.
  • Discover new radio stations and podcasts with the recommendations appearing on Audials Home.
  • Using the new Audials Home, boredom is not possible.
Music Wishes

Music Wishes

Less work and quicker access to more music

In comparison to cumbersome YouTube downloaders and other recording tools, Audials has been unchallenged and on top for over 10 years. Every year, we are faced with the challenge of upping our game in order to make sure you have quicker and easier access to top-quality music. Audials Radiotracker 2018 is once again proof that we have lived up to this challenge. 

The Wish list now Offers even more Options and is more Powerful than Ever

Previous generations of Audials 2018 sometimes required you to put in some extra work yourself. We're aware that this can be an irritation and have therefore put the entire working process to the test, shaken it up and made sure to improve any time-wasting aspects:

  • Use multiple wish lists at once.
  • With our new non-stop wish list, you can make Audials constantly look for the latest hits.
  • You can now edit the wish list and use the drag-and-drop function to add new wishes or delete old ones.
  • With the new Audials Radiotracker 2018, you can listen to a track while creating your wish list and highlight it as the best version.
  • At the end, Audials will automatically sort out your music collection and delete any additional versions or duplicates. This saves you a lot of work and storage space.
  • You will receive more and better information on the status of each individual track. As of now, a green tick indicates that a track has been verified as the best version.

Sometimes we like to find albums and hits using the extensive repertoire of the Audials music database with the discographies of the artists.


But sometimes we already know exactly what we want. From now on, you can simply type in your music requests as soon as they occur to you and you'll be immediately directed to the wish list. Isn't that clever?!

Music on Top

Music on Top

Music of your stars in the music search, media library, in radios and the wish list

It's all about the Artists - See them from a different perspective!

In previous generations of Audials, artists were displayed in different ways depending on the functional area. This is no longer the case! We've now introduced consistency into how they are displayed on Audials. This will enable you to get to know the various facets of your favourite artists:


You like Madonna? Type her name into the search bar and...

  • the radio tab will provide you with the best stations for Madonna,
  • the music wishes function will direct you to all her albums and hits,
  • you'll be directed to Madonna in your music collection,
  • Madonna will appear at the centre of the music universe and music zoom, and similar music will be displayed.

Depending on the name, you will also see podcasts. Type in the name once and the new Audials software will display everything about the artist in each functional area. Search, find, record and listen - one name, so many possibilities! Now on Audials Radiotracker 2018!

News on your Favourite Artists now available with the Music Wishes function

To remain up to date on your favourite artists, Audials received news via Facebook and Twitter. From now on, you will also receive the latest news on all your favourite artists via the music wishes function. In combination with our new Audials Music Zoom, it's an interesting way for you to discover more about the artists of this world.

Radio is growing

Radio is growing

Find more radio stations quicker

  • The new Audials software makes use of the most powerful server-based fingerprint technology to edit tracks with unmatched accuracy.
  • With over 110,000 radio stations, Audials boasts one of the largest databases in the world. The logos of the radio stations now appear in a new tile-like look.
  • The majorly-improved search function is now much quicker when finding each radio station saved in the database.
Upgrade zur Audials 2018

Audials Music Zoom is a Completely new Way to Discover Music

With the innovative artificial intelligence of Audials Music Zoom, you can enjoy nearly every artist ever to have lived in an in-depth, infinite map of the stars, organized according to musical genres. Zoom in and discover the universe of music! All it takes is just one click and you can instantly listen to every single track by your artist of choice, and what's even better in comparison to freeware: You can record them all!

How Does it Work?

You simply use the direct search function: Type in the name of the artist you wish to listen to and you will instantly find yourself being zoomed in towards your favorite artist on the Music Map in Audials Music Zoom! You will find artists in the surrounding area that do similar music, enabling you to enjoy brand new entertainment!

But Wait! It Gets even Better!

If you can't think of an artist, then Audials Music Zoom enables you to zoom into a music genre by using your mouse wheel or a touch screen. When zooming in closer, styles of music will appear with the corresponding genres of music. You can discover similar styles and genres of music by scrolling left and right. The more popular and significant the musician, the earlier and larger they will appear on Audials Music Zoom. The more you zoom and scroll, the more you can discover.