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Advanced Audio Coding
A file format developed by the MPEG group and similar in nature to MP3, though not as widely used. The AAC format is the format used by Apple's iTunes music download service.


Access Control List
A table that provides access rights to each object in a system. For example, in a wiki, certain users may have the right to add and edit content, while other users may only be allowed to read the content. The purpose is to enhance the security of a network or information technology (IT) environment.


A web technology for streaming movies from a web server to a web client. Developed by Microsoft.


A programming interface (API) that allows web browsers to download and execute Windows programs.


Audio Codec 3
AC3 is a Dolby Digital audio file and can be found as the standard audio track on Digital Versatile Discs (DVD) and High Definition Television (HDTV).


A Microsoft technology that provides data access to any kind of data store.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
A special type of DSL line where the upload speed is different from the download speed.

Affiliate Network

A company that connects web publishers with cost-per-action affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program

A program that allows publishers to post text and image ads on their sites. If a user clicks through to the affiliate site and takes a specified action (e.g., makes a purchase, fills out a registration form, etc.) the publisher is paid a portion of the sale or a flat fee.


Software and applications that retrieve content from the web via structured feeds published by websites, podcasts, vlogs and other online content publishers.


Audio Interchange File Format
AIFF is an Apple Macintosh native file format for storing audio files. AIF or AIFF files are high quality, uncompressed audio files.


AJAX means Asynchronous Java and XML and is used to make web pages more responsive while avoiding the need to load the page each time new information is needed. XML, which stands for Extensible Markup Language, is used to make the website more interactive.


An online retailer and web services provider. The Amazon Associates affiliate program allows web publishers to monetize their sites by recommending Amazon products.

Amazon Unbox™

Record stream capture videos from Amazon Unbox™.


Audio MPEG Player
AMP is a MP3-Player able to play MPEG audio files.

Analog–to-Digital Converter

A circuitry that converts an analog signal into a digital signal. For example, when a sound card converts the input from an analog source (such as a microphone or record player) to a digital single in order to record it as an MP3 file.


In web terms: The starting point or ending point of a hyperlink.


A set of pictures simulating movement when played in series.


American National Standards Institute
An organization that creates standards for the computer industry. Responsible for the ANSI C standard.


An international standard for the C programming language.

Anti-Virus Program

A computer program made to discover and destroy all types of computer viruses.


Audio on Demand
The ability to start delivering an audio program to an individual Web browser whenever the user requests it.


Application Programming Interface
Refers to the interface that an online service or application provides to allow data exchange and service sharing by other applications and tools.


A leading computer company, responsible for Macintosh computers, the iPod, iTunes and the iPhone.

Apple iTunes™

Record stream capture music and videos from Apple iTunes™.


The experimental network tested in the 1970's which started the development of the Internet.


American Standard Code for Information Interchange
A set of 128 alphanumeric and special control characters used for computer storing and printing of text. Used by HTML when transmitting data over the web.


Advanced Streaming Format (or Advanced Systems Format)
ASF  is a multimedia streaming format developed by Microsoft for Windows Media.


Active Server Pages
A Microsoft technology allowing the insertion of server executable scripts in web pages.


Extensible Markup Language (XML) used for web feeds.

Atom Feed

An XML file that encodes web content – usually from blogs. A user can subscribe to an Atom feed and read updated content from a newsreader, web site or handheld device. The process is known as syndication and companies are increasingly using this approach to communicate with employees, partners and customers.


Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
Created by Sony for a secure and encrypted format for compressed audio. ATRAC3 is used in Sony’s Minidisc players and portable players such as the VAIO Music Chip and the Memory Stick Walkman.


The AU file format is a simple audio file format introduced by Sun Microsystems. The format was common on NeXT systems and on early web pages.

Audio book

An audio book is a recording of the contents of a book read aloud. Audio books are usually distributed on CDs, cassette tapes, or digital formats.

Audio file format

An audio file format is a container format for storing audio data on a computer system.
The general approach towards storing digital audio is to sample the audio voltage (which on playback, would correspond to a certain position of the membrane in a speaker) of the individual channels with a certain resolution (the number of bits per sample) in regular intervals (forming the sample rate). This data can then be stored uncompressed or compressed to reduce the file size.


In web terms: the method used to verify the identity of a user, program or computer on the web.


Automatic emails that are programmed to respond to an email sent to it.


The visual (oftentimes cartoonish) representation of a person in a virtual world or virtual chat room. 


Audio Video Interleaved
A computer graphics animation format used in Microsoft Video for Windows. This format interleaves digitized video frames (or computer-generated frames) and synchronized audio in one file.

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