Playback error

      Hi TSCOTT,

      So , you have M4V files and you convert it to "Optimized for burning to a DVD mp3/avi" file format.
      However , I'm curious about your installed OS(Windows ver.) ,Tunebite and iTunes version ...besides this I guess you can play the M4V file in iTunes , correct ? If you can then what exactly happens when you add the file in Tunebite and then click on Start ? Will it at least open a playback window for a short while (that would be the attempt of playback) ? Or it will simply sit a while without doing anything and then error message ?

      Besides the above mentioned I can also imagine this scenario if lets say your purchased video file has a large screen resolution (over 800x600) and your CPU real freq. would be less then 3Ghz (no core2duo or quadcore technology)..because if just the playback preparation is eating up 100% of your CPU then this error can appear since iTunes/Quicktime player would hand among the other running tasks in Win_task_manger due the lack of free CPU resources .

      However these are only my thoughts , but yet again I have to ask the same question : Have you already contacted the Support Team ? Any feedback from them ?
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      What do you mean with FAQ link has no instructions ? Do you have difficulties following the steps ?

      You did use link -> "6. How do I generate log files for troubleshooting? " with the content ?

      6. How do I generate log files for troubleshooting?
      Creating and sending log files and other technical information is oftentimes the only means for product and support and developers to verify, reproduce and fix functional issues.
      The following steps will help us troubleshooting your problem:
      1. First, install the latest version of your product as available for download in section Freeware Downloads. Please try to reproduce your problem situation. Does your issue still occur?
      2. Activate log file generation: Open Options > General and select to Write support information to log files.
      3. Repeat the steps that lead to your problem.
      4. If possible, create one or more screenshots which help explain the problem situation. These could e.g. show a displayed error message. To create screenshots, you need a graphics editor like Microsoft Paint.
      5. Create an info file for your computer system:
        • Windows XP: Start > Run.... Enter "msinfo32.exe".
        • Windows Vista/Windows 7: Click Start. Enter "msinfo32.exe" into the search field.
        • Save all displayed system information: File > Save.... Choose location (e.g. Desktop) and file name (e.g. "system.nfo").
      6. Send the following data to support:
        • Product name and version number. You find these in the About dialog (in the product main window, click ? > About).
        • A short description of the problem. Also describe the necessary steps to reproduce the problem.
        • The log files: Open Options > General. You can now deselect log file creation. Click Open log folder to see all created log files in the file explorer. Create a single ZIP file, including the complete log file folder.
        • Add the create info file (e.g. "system.nfo") to the ZIP package.
        • If you have created any screenshots, add those to the ZIP package, too.
      We will do our best to solve your problem. Thank you for your assistance!
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      using your approach i sent "support" the log files. in 5-10 min, VERY FAST, they responded with the fix, reinstall itunes. the link or I/F
      between itunes and tunebite finally worked and i was able to convert itunes w4v to a diffferent format. the next problem is the sound sync with the frames is a little off. but i think this could be my computer cpu and graphics card limitation. i am using wmv 7 256 kbps. or is there some video setting that would be better for computers of my type; xp service pack 3, t7500 2.2GHz core2duo cpu with 2 gig, tunebite - 6.0.31728.2500 sept 10 2009 build and itunes - so if you have a high end computer it should work much better. do you see anything wrong with what i am suggesting?

      note: log files are in binary, these soln came from tunebite support.

      From the logs it can be seen that when Tunebite tries to start the playback it
      can't get to iTunes Quicktime player component ...:
      09:14:35.203 558 ERR: CiTunesPlayerProxy::GetQuickTimePlayerChildWindow():
      error video window not found
      09:14:35.203 558 DBG: ## CiTunesPlayerProxy::GetItunesVideoPopupWindow(): end
      09:14:35.203 558 ERR: Could not get QuickTime player window [2] [2]: The system
      cannot find the file specified.

      This can happen in two scenarios :

      1. Somehow quicktime get messed up in registry , in which case you should
      reinstall iTunes with Quicktime.

      2. When you start the recording usually there's a popup message which has an
      option with "Never show this message again" .. try to drag Tunebite from the
      middle of your desktop and any other applications , so that you could see the
      middle of the desktop .. because that message usually appears in the center..
      if this is the case then you should read & then close the popup window and
      see if the recording will continue .

      3)Also .. if none from the above would solve the problem please consider
      following the suggestion from the following post (See Alex's post):

      number 3 was clarification of how to configure itunes for tunebite in two gifs. didn't need this was already done.