Which output format for burning to play on a DVD player

      Which output format for burning to play on a DVD player

      I chose Optimized for burning to a DVD for output and the video files I have converted play fine in media player (originally bought off itunes) so I know the conversion worked - when I burned the DVD, it didn't play the video through my DVD player, but I did hear sound and see the files...any ideas?

      I don't know what VBR Q95 options are, or what the difference is btw Xvid1536 or 2048 kbps....I have a new philips DVD player, model: DVP3982, which apparently should play everything? What am I doing wrong???? :(
      Hi cmosk06,

      So.. here are your DVD players statistics :
      HDMI 1080p DivX Ultra

      •D/A converter: 12 bit, 108 MHz
      •Picture enhancement: Progressive scan, Video Upscaling(720p, 1080i/p)

      •D/A converter: 24 bit, 192 kHz
      •Frequency response: 30-20000 Hz
      •Signal to noise ratio: > 90 dB
      •Distortion and Noise (1kHz): > 65 dB
      •Crosstalk (1kHz): > 70 dB
      •Dynamic Range (1kHz): > 80 dB
      •Sound System: Dolby Digital

      Video Playback
      •Playback Media: CD, CD-R/CD-RW, Video CD/SVCD, DVD, DivX, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-Video
      •Compression formats: MPEG1, MPEG2
      •Video disc playback system: NTSC, PAL

      Audio Playback
      •Playback Media: CD, MP3-CD, MP3-DVD, WMA-CD, CD-R/RW, Audio CD
      •MP3 bit rates: 32 - 320 kbps
      •Compression format: MP3, Dolby Digital, PCM, WMA

      Still Picture Playback
      •Playback Media: DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, CD-R/RW, Picture CD, Kodak Picture CD
      •Picture Compression Format: JPEG
      •Picture Enhancement: Rotate, Zoom, Slideshow, Flip photos

      •Rear Connections: Analog audio Left/Right out, ComponentVideo out Progressive, Composite video (CVBS) output, Digital coaxial out, HDMI output

      •Child Protection: Child Lock, Parental Control
      •On-Screen Display languages: Canadian French, English, Mexican Spanish

      •Power consumption: < 10 W
      •Power supply: 120V, 60Hz
      •Standby power consumption: < 1.0 W

      •Included accessories: 2 x AAA Batteries, Audio/Video cable, Remote Control, User Manual, Power cord, Quick start guide, Warranty Leaflet

      •Packaging dimensions (W x H x D): 415 x 82 x 282 mm
      •Set dimensions (W x H x D): 360 x 37 x 210 mm

      Multimedia Applications
      •Playback Formats: JPEG Still pictures, MP3
      So, from this specs your DVD player supports only MPEG2 formats which is slightly different then our MPEG4 output ..the difference is:

      • MPEG 2 - gives high quality but does the big files
      • MPEG 4 offers a better compression/quality ratio and also less file size than for MPEG 2

      • MPEG 2 based compression is used on dvd camcorder and dvds and is similar to DV compression.(Each frmae is compressed like a jpeg with no referance to other frames.)
      • MPEG 4 compression is used on HDV, AVCHD, wmv, divx, xvid and compresses video much more by looking at differences across a group of frames. ( This is more efficient but needs much more processor power when editing / rendering.)
      PS : here is a DVD player which supports MPEG4 formats. -> Philips DVP642

      Now, in case if your DVD player can't handle MPEG 4 encodings then there is always an alternative solution , however it will take you extra time... YOu could use Tunebite or AudialsOne Convert tab to unprotect it in to MP4 or any other profile (since that is the main and basic feature of Tunebite or Converter tab).. preferably it would be AVI (XVID) and then use free video edition tools like virtualDub or any other to convert the unprotected file format in to MPEG2 format.

      Also .. VBR (Variable Bit Rate) Q95 (Quality 95%) .. higher bit rate deliver higher quality ..however here you can find more details about bitrates for multimedia files.