Audials 12 PC - Release Notes

    Audials 12 PC - Release Notes

    Audials 12

    Welcome to Audials 12!

    [12.1.10800.0] - Aug, 19th, 2016

    This update ensures compatibility with Windows 10 'Anniversary Update'.

    [12.1.10600.0] - May 17th, 2016

    This update improves the stability and reliability of Audials 12.

    [12.1.10000.0] - Sept 18th, 2015

    Fixed bugs:

    - [Save video] Netflix recording stops after 20-40 seconds.

    [12.1.9700.0] - Sept 4th, 2015

    Fixed bugs:

    - [Save video] Windows 8/10 with IE ver.11 (also for x64) fix for detecting playing video from Maxdome and Amazon

    [12.1.6800.0] - Jul 31th, 2015

    Fixed bugs:

    - [Save video] Netflix recording improvements
    - Rare app.Crash under Windows XP

    [12.1.5200.0] - Jul 14th, 2015

    This update contains several video recording improvements.

    Fixed bugs:
    - Recording from flash on Win10 and Win7 with chrome 64bit does not work
    - Recording from Chrome Canary (45) + Youtube produces image with green vertical bar
    - Some videos recorded from Chrome+Youtube are corrupted

    [12.1.3102.200] - Jul 1st, 2015

    This update introduces support for recording from Apple's new streaming service "Apple Music".

    [12.1.3101.100] - Jun 25th, 2015

    This update fixes bugs in the Save music view, and improves the stability of the software.

    Fixed bugs:
    - [Save music] Recordings from Spotify application don't have artist and title tags

    [12.1.3100.0] - Jun 19th, 2015

    This update fixes bugs, and improves the stability of the software.

    Fixed Bugs:
    - [Save video] Chrome -> hooking from Netflix starts late, usually 20-25 seconds into the movie, sometimes more
    - [Save video] Sometimes hooking from Youtube with Firefox and html5 has damaged video

    [12.1.2000.0] - Jun 10th, 2015

    This update makes Audials 12 fully compatible with Windows 10, and fixes problems for radio station recordings with German umlaute (ä, ö, ü).

    [12.0.65100.0] - Apr 24th, 2015

    This update fixes bugs, and improves the stability of the software.

    [12.0.63100.0] - Mar 19th, 2015

    This update fixes problems in the Save music view, for recording from the latest Spotify version 1.0.*. Tagging and cutting functionality once again work flawlessly.

    [12.0.62500.0] - Mar 13th, 2015

    This update contains changed tagging and cutting functionality in the Save music view, as an interim solution for recording from the latest Spotify version 1.0.*. Customers still using older Spotify clients are strongly recommended not to update Spotify, until we can provide a final fix for this problem.

    Due to changes in the newest Spotify client version 1.0.*, it is currently not possible to directly detect song information (tags) and cutting information.

    The recording functions for Spotify now use two indirect techniques, instead:
    • Silence detection for song cutting and song separation. As inherent to its functional principle, this technique may fail to separate certain songs, such as live recordings.
    • Fingerprinting for adding song information (tags). During the recording, songs will be marked as "unknown". After a successful recording of a song, song information will be added as a post-processing step.

    We are working hard to re-establish a 100% failsafe song information and cutting detection. However, this may take a few weeks. We would kindly like to ask for your understanding and patience.

    Note: Customers still using older Spotify clients are strongly recommended not to update Spotify, until we can provide a final fix for this problem.

    [12.0.62100.0] - Feb 26th, 2015

    This update improves the reliability and stability of the recording functions in the "Save video" view, for video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Google Play, YouTube.

    • Solved problems:
      • [Save video] Recording from Google Chrome cancels, when mouse point is moved
      • [Save video] Recorded files from Google Play contain errors in video track (black video image, green lines on upper image border)

    [12.0.61700.0] - Feb 12th, 2015

    This version fixes issues with iTunes 12.1 64bit, and a problem with editing MP3 files.

    • Solved problems:
      • Save video view: video playback with iTunes 12.1 64bit is not detected
      • Editing MP3 files: fade-in/fade-out isn't saved in certain scenarios

    [12.0.61500.0] - Feb 4th, 2015

    This update improves the reliability and stability of the recording functions in the "Save video" and also in the "Converter" view, for video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Maxdome, Amazon and iTunes.

    • Solved problems:
    • [Converter] Fixed DRM recording problems with newest iTunes ver.
    • [Save Video] Video detection fails in certain scenarios (for example with Chrome, Firefox, recording from Netflix, Maxdome, Amazon)
    • [Save Video] Recording fails with an error in certain scenarios (for example for Netflix)
    • [Save Video] Audio track is recorded in wrong sample-rate, resulting in 'Mickey mouse' sound effect

    [12.0.60800.0] - Jan 14th, 2015

    This update solves problems and improves the stability of the software in general.

    • Solved problems:
    • [Mediathek + Player] In some cases, saved tag changes are still displayed in orange text color

    [12.0.60600.0] - Dec 22nd, 2014

    This update fixes problems in the "Save music" view, and the "Podcacts" view.

    • Solved problems:
    • [Podcast] Podcasts with https episode URLs cannot be played or recorded.
    • [Save Music] Succeeding tracks have tags of previous track.

    [12.0.59700.0] - Dec 17th, 2014

      • This update solves problems relating to Anywhere connections between Audials PC and the Audials Android App, and improves the stability of the software in general.

      [12.0.59100.0] - Dec 11th, 2014

        • This updates improves the audio and video recording functions in "Save audio" and "Save video".

      • Solved problems:
        • [Save video] Internet Explorer 11 crashes during recording
        • [Save video] Recording from netflix contains only black picture/only sound

      • Improved features:
        • [Save music] Improved dependability and preciseness of song cutting for recording from Spotify

      [12.0.55701.100] - Nov 21st, 2014

        • This update improves robustness and performance of audio and video recording functions in "Converter > Audiobook" and "Save video".

      • Further improvements:
        • [Save video] Temporary files are automatically cleaned up
        • [Radio] seemless switching between 1-column and 2-column view

      [12.0.53303.300] - Nov 7th, 2014

        • This update improves some features, and the stability of the software in general. Also, it contains new translations for French users.

      • Improved features:
        • Faster saving of tag changes for movies in MP4 format
        • [Converter]For longer audiobooks, a hint about choosing a suitable format is shown

      [12.0.52302.200] - Oct 31st, 2014

      • Fixed crashes and hangs:
        • Several crashes, occuring only on some PCs, in rare cases

      • Solved problems:
        • RadioRip Filter driver not processed correctly during Re-installation
        • [Save video] Paste video URL fails for certain YouTube videos

      • Improvements:
        • [Podcasts] Episodes can now be downloaded several times

      [12.0.50205.500] - Oct 24th, 2014

      • Fixed crashes and hangs:
        • [Save video] FireFox Crash when using Video recordings -> Select automatically

      • Solved problems:
        • [Save music] Tagging with SoundCard recording from Deezer
        • [Music wishes] disappearing Cover-Art picture while switching between wish-lists
        • [Podcast] Memory-leak while browsing and scrolling in Podcast view
        • [Artist-browser] occasional missing Cover-Art pictures

        [12.0.50203.300] - Oct 17th, 2014

        • Fixed crashes and hangs:
          • [Save video] Crash when stopping the recording
          • Diverse crashes and hangs, occuring only on some PCs, in rare cases

        • Solved problems:
          • [Radio] AAC stations are not being played back (no sound)
          • [Player] Command to "Favor station" doesn't work (Please note: "Unfavor station" still doesn't work in Audials 12, and this won't be fixed for Audials 12.)
          • [Converter] Conversions WMV -> MP4: asynchronuous sound/image
          • [Player] Continuous recordings can't be searched via text filter
          • [Player] Video playback in separate window: problems with window size when stopping/starting videos

        • New/enhanced/changed features:
          • French help file added. French translation is thus completed - La traduction
            en française est finie :)

        [12.0.49004.400] - Oct 9th, 2014

        • Fixed crashes and hangs:
          • several crashes related to tag editing
          • when using AirPlay
          • and others

        • Solved problems:
          • Selection in playlist is lost when new recordings arrive
          • Counter for new recordings counts in already deleted recordings
          • Output folders get lost when signing out/in with Audials account
          • Search box in "Podcasts" view deletes input while typing
          • Recordings with "Original folder" as output folder aren't shown in the Player

        • New/enhanced/changed features:
          • For in-place editing of files (select files and press F2), Player offers copy & past commands via context menu

        [12.0.47504.400] - Oct 2nd, 2014

        • Fixed crashes and hangs:
          • at the end of audiobook conversions
          • when continuously recording WMA radio stations
          • when playing back files
          • during certain interactions with playlists

        • Solved problems:
          • Conversions from WMV to MP4 don't finish
          • Save music: In-place tag editing changes in the recording list are discarded
          • Importing music website plugins via click/double-click isn't possible
          • After first installation, initial default playlist has empty name
          • Player: toolbar for tag editing can be hidden due to insufficient minimum height of playback display
          • Color scheme "Snow": white text on white background for certain mouseover text displays

        and much more ..

        [12.0.45509.900] - Sep 24th, 2014
        The brand new Audials 12 is ready for you!
        Please have a look here about the new features: What's new in Audials 12?

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    Audials 12

    See above!

    Audials 11

    Download older versions

    [11.0.56100.0] - Dec, 19th 2014
    This update improves the stability of the software, and solves problems relating to stations in the "Radio" view.

    [11.0.55900.0] - 28.08.2014
    - Fixed: Youtube download fails in MusicSearch

    [11.0.54400.0] - 12.06.2014
    - Startup crash was fixed, when Audials was not able to properly detect Internet connection

    [11.0.54200.0] - 05.06.2014
    - Fixed: Conversions of WMV into MP4 output will not finish.

    [11.0.53800.0] - 30.04.2014
    - Improved error dialog's

    [11.0.53300.0] - 15.04.2014
    - Fixed: Record from screen wizard window within red rectangle
    - Improvements in Automatic Video Recording from dynamic websites e.g.: Amazon, Netflix, MaxDome, etc
    - Improvements in Automatic Video recording from Google Chrome

    [11.0.52900.0] - 03.04.2014
    - Netflix recording: only one item is visible in recording list
    - Audials Notifier updates, now also with last 10 received message history
    - Improved Help file
    - Improvements in AutoTag: Cover-Art is saved
    - Fixed demo limitation for video recording to 30 minutes.

    [11.0.51800.0] - 20.02.2014
    - Fixed a few hang scenarios, e.g.: UI hang during video capture
    - Playing a radio station will not reset the timer anymore
    - Audials Anywhere local transfer improvements
    - New and improved help file

    [11.0.51201.100] - 14.02.2014
    - Text problems with German umlauts was fixed, in Radio Search, Music Search, Artist browser, etc

    [11.0.51200.0] - 13.02.2014
    - Small bugfixes

    [11.0.50800.0] - 30.01.2014
    - Fixed several crash scenarios

    [11.0.48200.0] - 18.12.2013
    - New French help system
    - Fixed: Maxdome video recording with a double colon as part of movie title
    - Feature: Hang detection dialog if UI is not responsive more than 3 minutes

    [11.0.46200.0] - 05.12.2013
    - French language was added
    - Fixed: Maxdome video recording quality under Windows 8.1

    [11.0.44800.0] - 28.11.2013
    - Music Search: sort search results from plugin(s) by descending ranking
    - Music Search: fixed top hits group when "hide rare" filter is enabled
    - Music Search: fixed rare Crash e.g.: Jay-Z music search caused by special hyphen
    - Music Wishes: Adding an artist in rare cases is replaced with another artist (forum link)

    [11.0.43605.500 ] - 22.11.2013
    - Save Music: Improved cutting from Spotify
    - Radio > Add Stations manually dialog was Polished
    - Fix: Save All Videos with iTunes
    - Help: Topic covering conversion profiles now includes information about the new "Audio only" option

    [11.0.42406.600] - 14.11.2013
    - Improved tagging in save audio dramatically :)
    - Less not recognized Videos in save Video
    - Bugfix: in soundcard settings
    - Wishlist: music download will filter search results and downloads only good matches
    - Fix: Random crash in player

    [11.0.40905.500] - 08.11.2013
    - Improved encoding which solves Audio&Video out of sync problems in MP4 and WMV
    - Wishlist grabs tracks only from good audio sources
    - Solved: user playlists are truncated and empty

    [11.0.39404.400] - 31.10.2013
    - Startup crash under Windows 8.1 was fixed

    [11.0.39402.200] - 29.10.2013
    The brand new Audials 11 is ready for you!
    Please have a look here about the new features: What's new in Audials 11?
    Online help for upgrading: Transferring user data from Audials 10 to Audials 11

    Audials 10

    Alte Versionen von hier herunterladen (alle Audials Produkten)

    [10.3.34300.0] - 14.10.2013
    - RRNetCap driver was changed to RadioRipFilter which also solves Windows 8.1 problems
    - Bugfix in Audials Notifier (systray control)

    [10.2.33407.700] - 02.10.2013
    - Specific Audials crashes were fixed

    [10.2.33406.600] - 26.09.2013
    - New feature: Audials Notifier -> Systray control over Audials
    - Bugfix: Crash during SongDatabase update/initialization

    [10.2.30900.0] - 27.08.2013
    - New enhanced Autotag

    [10.2.28800.0] - 18.07.2013
    - New enhanced Autotag
    - New Search & RadioRip plugin release (automatic update) which fixes YouTube and DailyMotion problems

    [10.2.27600.0] - 28.06.2013
    - Fixed: Deleting an item from "save Video" list reverts the ordering of the list
    - Player fix for m4a files that contain "video" (mjpeg)

    [10.2.262001.100] - 18.06.2013
    - 'Cut song' problem with error 'Can't find cut information in the media database.' was fixed

    [10.2.26200.0] - 14.06.2013
    - Improved search & storage plugins set was released which also improves:
    [1] StartUp duration
    [2] Plugin description details

    [10.2.22608.800] - 06.06.2013
    - Automatic recording of youtube videos was fixed!

    [10.2.22606.600] - 31.05.2013
    - StartUp performance was improved
    *SoundCloud plugin [automatic update] fix for no search results.

    [10.2.22605.500] - 24.05.2013
    - Re-applied Fix: Kaspersky Trojan alarm for CallUninstallSurvey.exe

    [10.2.22604.400] - 23.05.2013
    - Audials installer size was reduced to ~58Mb
    - Improvement for Netflix recordings, multiple recordings of the same movie will be joined after recording session has ended in order to ensure a proper content
    - Small fixes in Startup and EnodingBackend

    [10.2.20812.1200] - 22.05.2013
    - Fixed: Kaspersky Trojan alarm for CallUninstallSurvey.exe

    [10.2.20811.1100] - 15.05.2013
    - Crash fix: Audials start when Internet connection is not available or it has a very bad signal
    - MusicSearch: Plugin symbols show the plugin's name as tooltip on hovering with the mouse
    - Improvements in Installer and Audials dialogs

    [10.2.19305.500] - 25.04.2013
    - Netflix recording improvement using Video Recording -> Save All videos feature for cases when Netflix changes the playback resolution for a proper playback vs. bandwidth.
    - Audio and Video DRM recording fix in Converter (WMA&WMV), specially under Windows XP.

    [10.2.18602.200] - 18.04.2013
    - User is prompted with the choice to scan local Music collection when installing Audials for the 1st time
    - Improved help/assistance for Saving Music features
    - Improved Anywhere Wizard
    - lots of small bug fixes

    [10.2.14807.700] - 25.03.2013
    - Fix in Save Music GUI-Layout: 'Remove from list' button is not visible

    [10.2.14806.600] - 22.03.2013
    - Fresh Audials installation sets Output folder location to 'C:\Users\%CurrentUser%\{[Music] or [Video]}\Audials' which will allow to include additional media-file locations even from within the 'Audials' folder and Windows default Music folder location
    - Hidden or non-media files are not hidden in 'All media files'
    - Added storage filtering possibility through additional tabs in All Media Files for allowing fast switching between [standard storage only], [both storages combined ], [import/export storage only]
    - Copying files between storages are highlighted and in case of duplicates are automatically skipped
    - Re-scan media files e.g.: 'Check for modified files' now will scan only changed ones and not the entire collection which improves performance
    - Media Center->table view's column header is now dragable, sortable and by using right-click it can be switched on/off
    - Added assisting messages for Audio Cutter
    - Improvements regarding ID3Tag editing, saving

    [10.1.12408.800] - 12.03.2013
    - bug fixes

    [10.1.12407.700] - 08.03.2013
    - Save Music -> Sound recording into tracks -> added warning message if volume level is to low for a proper recording process.
    - AudialsLight feature: show autorip as default tab
    - Improved FR HelpSystem

    [10.1.11102.200] - 01.03.2013
    - Fix: Crash when installing Audials with non-admin account

    [10.1.11101.100] - 01.03.2013
    - Added "Share" button for posting currently used or selected Radio Station and Podcast on Facebook personal wall

    [10.1.6209.900] - 15.02.2013
    - bug fixes
    - improved logging for Audials problem troubleshooting

    [10.1.6207.700] - 08.02.2013
    - Fix: crash at last installation step, when "Launch installed product" is not checked.
    - Performance optimization in Music Search
    - Save Video: Added "Report problem" link for cases when a video content can not be recorded

    [10.1.6202.200] - 05.02.2013
    - Radio: Added radio-stations view sorting feature
    - Save Music: Silence detection was improved for "Sound Recording into tracks" feature
    - Installer: Added French language
    - Bugfix: After Wish-Hunting the temporally data will be deleted
    - Bugfix: Automated Recording from Maxdome in WMV profile gave up-side-down results
    - Small fixes in Podcast and Anywhere Sign-in feature

    [10.1.4600.0] - 18.01.2013
    - Several crash fixes, e.g. relevant when running Music wishes for several hours
    - Bugfix: Conversion profile "M4A - AAC keep original quality" cut off 3-4 seconds of audio tracks
    - Radio view now features function to "Open station website"
    - Efficiency improvement for deleting files: special shortcut suppresses confirmation (see Delete confirmation for instruction)

    [10.1.514.1400] - 20.12.2012
    - Changes in Save Music tab: tags can be edited directly in Save music tab
    - Bugfixes: several crash fixes received from Audials users client
    - Bugfixes: Sorting in playlists is now kept when deleting files

    [10.1.509.900] - 13.12.2012
    - Wishlist limits were changed (increased) : artists = 200, albums = 40, tracks = 400
    - Amazon purchase was disabled
    - Two new skins were added (“Skyline” and “In Concert”)

    [10.0.51506.600] - 07.12.2012
    - UserInterface performance optimization
    - SaveMusic: Simplified tagging
    - SaveVideo: Some fixes especially for fullscreen recording
    - Converter: Added compatibility with iTunes 11
    - highlighting of files in playlist (changed tags, already exported) available again
    - on drag & drop into a user playlist shown with non-user defined sorting the files are appended to the playlist now

    [10.0.50301.100] - 29.11.2012
    - jump in the recordings from "save Audio" fixed
    - sorting of all playlists now possible
    - fixed bug in video playback of podcasts and other sources
    - a lot of graphical and userinterface improvements
    - fixed a crash bug
    - improved help system

    [10.0.49104.400] - 22.11.2012
    - Improvements at “Save video” and Screen capturing
    - Improvements at Soundcard recording
    - Improvements at "Add station manually"
    - Keyboard Shortcuts addded for Toggle Review Mark, Cut song, Save tag
    - Hidden files are not shown in Media Center any more by default
    - Bugfixes

    [10.0.47702.200] - 15.11.2012
    - more stable radio streams (mirror rotating)
    - improvements in player: plays more and stable live podcast video streams
    - let user option to clear account data from local device on logout
    - video conversion: high quality is working now
    - music organizer: performance tuning

    [10.0.46604.300] - 08.11.2012
    - bug fixes
    - Converter: mute functionality for audio DRM recordings

    [10.0.45600.0] - 31.10.2012
    - feature: manually add station
    - added new skins
    - improvements in quality of "save video" with windows 8
    - fixed a bug, when "save video" stopped after some few seconds recording from netflix and other websites
    - fixed a random startup-crash
    - added several output rules
    - options: complete new layout for export devices and clouds
    - fixed a lot of smaller improvements
    - fixed a lot of translation issues

    [10.0.43701.100] - 25.10.2012
    The brand new Audials 10 is ready for your!
    Please have a look here about the new features:…ftware-forum/upgrade.html

    Audials 9

    Alte Versionen von hier herunterladen (alle Audials Produkten)

    [9.1.31900.0] - 23.08.2012
    - memory-leak fixed: Connecting-Disconnecting problem with non shoutcast stations
    - Fix: Set Session tags
    - Improvements in the encoding backend

    [9.1.29900.0 ] - 20.07.2012
    - Fix : DRM iTunes audio recording fix for "Playback error" & "unable to initialize players"
    - Small installer improvements

    [9.1.28500.0 ] - 06.07.2012
    - Fix : Handling of Silverlight and Flash streams video capture e.g.: youtube, Amazon

    [9.1.23700.0 ] - 29.05.2012
    - New Encoding backend
    - Fixed : DVD rec with 3GP output profile
    - Fixed : Conversion error for .flv files
    - New Mediacapturer fix in memory write (convert.cpp)

    [9.1.22501.100] - 18.05.2012
    - New improvements in video recording with missed frames

    [9.1.22500.0] - 16.05.2012
    - New improvements in the Encoding backend process
    - New Help System with enhanced feedback functionality
    - New improvements in the Live Play function
    - New AudioFingerprint

    [9.1.18203.300] - 24.04.2012

    - Bugfix: Deleting files in Player works again
    - Help file content updated

    [9.1.16000.0] - 03.04.2012
    - New improvements for the newly implemented feature Anywhere
    - A minor change regarding fetching search results from the cache
    - Bugfix: "Playback error" during M4V recordings with valid playback license

    [9.1.13600.0] - 20.03.2012
    - New Feature - Anywhere Connections in LAN is improved
    - New help content

    [9.1.12800.0] - 16.03.2012
    - Bugfix: Wishlists from community opens Audials on double-click

    [9.1.11700.0] - 13.03.2012
    - New Feature - Purchase titles from Amazon through Audials Search feature
    - Bugfix: Search results do not scroll by themselves when the user marks a result
    - Bugfix: Drag & Drop into a playlist keeps the position where it was dropped
    - Bugfix: transfer and live play of same file in Anywhere possible now
    - Bugfix: CD Wizard

    [9.1.9300.0] - 01.03.2012
    Dear Audials Fans!

    Here is the brand new Audials 9.1!
    New, improved and with many new features, Audials 9.1 make it real easy to get your favourite music and videos.

    Enjoy the new Audials 9.1 experience!

    - New Feature - Anywhere : Audials Anywhere is your private media network!
    - New Demo limits
    - Installation shows a progress bar, new icons and less pop-up dialogs
    - Link to provide on-the-fly feedback "Give Feedback"
    - Improved Online Help

    [9.0.57913.1300] - 05.01.2012
    - Bugfix : Crash in Save Video fixed

    [9.0.57911.1100] - 22.12.2011
    - Bugfix : Crash in 'Save video' (Filter)
    - Bugfix : Crash in 'Media center' (Playlist)

    [9.0.57909.900] - 20.12.2011
    - Updated Help file

    [9.0.57903.300] - 15.12.2011
    - Bugfix : screen recording
    - Bugfix in Save Video : error message when links are broken/not supported with direct download through URLs

    [9.0.56406.600] - 09.12.2011
    - New help topics
    - Bugfix: Missing icons in Audiocutter fixed
    - Screen recording now works with surround sound profile

    [9.0.55304.400] - 01.12.2011

    - New Feature: Download youtube videos directly using links in 'Save Video' view
    - Bugfix in converter: converts and exports files with long names
    - DVD can now be copied with surround sound profile

    [9.0.54502.200] - 25.11.2011
    - Bugfix: soundcard recording converts now to profiles other than mp3
    - Bugfix: crash at exit fixed
    - Bugfix: wrong audio track ripped with DVDRipper when MP4 profile was used
    - GUIfixes for netbook version

    ] - 18.11.2011
    - Bugfix Podcast: download state icon
    - Bugfix Streaming: video got corrupted while tagging
    - Crashfix in player

    ] - 10.11.2011
    - Bugfix in Media center (Audials8 files are now sorted correctly)
    - Bugfix in Wishlist (Artist rating)

    [9.0.51207.700] - 04.11.2011
    - Bugfix in Media center
    Viele Grüße / Best regards,

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