Trial Question

      Trial Question

      Hi there

      I have just downloaded the trial version of Radiotracker 8, in order to evaluate to see if it does what I want prior to purchase.

      I have spent the last hour trying to find out what the trial limitations are with little success. They are not on the website, or the documentation. The best I have managed to find out is by rumour from other sites (e.g. nag screen, 25 song limit etc.)

      What I am trying to do is satisfy myself regards the conversion process. I have chosen a radio station, and recorded continuously for a few seconds to check it's ability to output the selected format/bitrate, and no matter what I do I cannot get the output to change from 320kbps (using mp3). The dropdowns are quite intuitive, so I am now rather irritated as it doesn't appear to work.

      Can please PLEASE tell me if this is a broken function? Or a trial limitation? Documentation does not allow either to be concluded.

      Thanks in advance.