Cannot Connect to CKLG any more!

      Well, this problem was dissused on the forum many times, but here you could check one of my answers regarding connecting/disconnecting behavior for radio stations... you could ask the support from that radio station for their new url address ... or another chance to record from the desired radio station would be the sound recording feature from Capture-tab if you are an Audials product owner ;)
      I have tried this. From what I can figure out the stream address is "streamURL = 'rtmp://'". But when I try to load rtmp:// maually I get the following message:
      "The entered URL is not a radio stream or the format is not supported."

      Maybe I just can't figure out the correct new stream address which was obtained from the "view source" option
      while listening to their radion station via their web site.

      Any futher help or info would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance


      CKLG Radio Streams

      Here are addresses of the two streams sent to me from CKLG tech support.

      We have two links for streaming, a flash and a Windows Media based stream.

      The Flash link is:


      The Windows Media base links is:…568.asx?bkup=50673&prop=n

      Let me know if that works out for you.

      The Windows Media Base media link has the following properties:

      Windows Media Audio 9.2
      48 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo 1-pass CBR

      Neither of these two links works for me in Audials One!

      Can you get these to work for you?

      Thanks again