RESOLVED !!!Netflix screen recording fixed!!!

      RESOLVED !!!Netflix screen recording fixed!!!

      Hi Users,

      please try out netflix with the screen recording option "record from screen" in Audials in the "Save Video" functionality.

      This is now fixed and works like a charm.


      1. please start the video on in internet explorer,
      2. zoom it in a size that is about 2/3 of your monitor (should be then about 1280x720, it's not important to find the exact size),
      3. tipp: please resize window that the video has minmum black frame arround it
      4. In Audials then press "Save Video"->"Video recording"->"Record from screen" and then press simple "Auto" in the dialog at the corner.


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      This is a fantastic solution, but I am finding new problems. I am running Audials 10 on Windows 8. I have tried using the Save All Videos option, but that seems to create some of the problems others have noted. It works well, but only once its finds the right resolution. I started a Netflix video and it recorded a few at lower resolution for about 5-15 seconds before finding 1280x720. What is increasingly frustrating with this method is that it takes a few moments to find the right resolution, meaning I cannot record the first few minutes of the video. Once it does get going, there is no problem. The Record from Screen option is what I am used to using for Netflix, however I have discovered new issues with the new software. The program detects the Netflix video with no issue, and starts fine. After a few minutes, the video becomes terribly choppy while the audio continues as normal. This results in an unusable copy. Once I stop the Record from Screen feature, Netflix plays normally, with no choppiness and video/audio are in sync. As it stands, I cannot use any video capture options for Netflix. I never used to have this kind of problem with Audials 9. I enjoy this product and certainly use it for other things, but the Netflix capture ability is currently disappointing.
      This does appear to solve my problem. I realized I had my output set to .wmv. Apparently setting to MPEG-4 does affect Netflix playback positively.

      An additional tip, you can use the site to find out your browser size and its sister site, to set your browser size. With Netflix's ability to stream in HD, I like to make sure my capture window is set at a true HD resolution. The way I did this in Audials 10 was to first use my existing setup. I opened Netflix in my non-maximized window and started Record from Screen, except clicked on manual instead of auto. You can then adjust the capture window to 1280x720, followed by carefully expanding your browser window accordingly. The 1280x720 resolution is native for Netflix HD streaming, so if you set your browser like this, you should only encounter black bars if the streaming video is not HD. Additionally, the 1280x720 resolution applies to your browser window space itself, less the menus, buttons, toolbars, and border. Consider the red border that shows when you are recording. Hope this helps!
      I'm glad you found this to be helpful! The biggest key to the procedure I described above is the correct sizing of your browser. In Windows there's no menu to set your browser to a particular size, so the websites above work great for letting you know what you are working with. Plus each browser is slightly different when it comes to menus and the like. In this case an IE window may be slightly larger or smaller than a Firefox or Chrome but still displaying a 1280x720 frame. So setting the browser properly is paramount. Once this is done, the auto capture feature will always capture a 1280x720 frame because you set your browser space to that. If you are going to pass the tip to others, I would strongly emphasize the browser window sizing.
      I am having this same type of issue. I just purchased the product yesterday, and see that it has great potential. My primary purpose is capturing of VOD for episode-based streaming. I have been trying to get it to work seamlessly, but not succeeding.

      I *can* get screen capture to work, but: (1) it stops when one episode completes (the VOD service automatically advances to the next episode, but that one isn't captured); (2) it captures the closing credits exactly as displayed on the screen, not the way the episode would have aired (e.g. the VOD shifts the credits into a small PIP while announcing the next episode in the main screen area -- in "Save All Videos", Audials somehow captures the closing credits correctly without the VOD's announcement); (3) if I understand correctly, my PC is more "tied up" via this process, as opening any window over the recording window would ruin the recording.

      I really want to use the "Save All Videos", but Audials keeps changing what it sees as the video size and therefore creating multiple pieces of video. As these pieces are each of a different video dimensions, I can't even use other software (e.g. VideoDub) to piece them back together.

      One more question: When using the "Screen Capture", and using "" to get the IE browser window to exactly 640x480, and even setting the convert to XViD 640x480, the final video is always 640x468 -- where are the other 12 lines of height?

      audials schrieb:


      first try to use a different encoding:
      Press the button ">>" at right side of "[ ] Convert: ..." and then choose MPEG4->MPEG4 Highest Quality and try again.

      If that has no good result try to use smaller window while captureing till there is no problem any more.

      This helped me, too!

      Thank you for this program. I just wanted to record Netflix, too. When I got Netflix I thought I would never have to download movies since they would always be on Netflix. Then I learned that Netflix drops movies and shows. Well, I wanted a way to save them so I can watch on MY time even if they aren't on Netflix anymore.

      I was also having trouble and took this advice. switching from WMV to Mpeg4 did the trick. I can now do it in Windows 8 mode with Metro and also on the desktop using my browser.

      Fantastic program and totally worth the money. Thanks!