Netflix (1080p DD5.1) Aufnahme funktioniert nicht / Recording doesn't work

      Netflix (1080p DD5.1) Aufnahme funktioniert nicht / Recording doesn't work

      == For the English version see below ==

      Hallo Forum,

      ich habe mir vor einigen Tagen audials Moviebox 12 gekauft und bin jetzt nach einigen Tests leider nicht zum Erfolg gekommen (mit Netflix).

      Mein Setup:
      OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
      CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K
      RAM: 32GB
      audials Moviebos Version 12.0.61700.0
      MS Internet Explorer Version 11.0.9600.17631 (Update 11.0.16) (aktuelle Patches)
      Firefox 35.0.1 (aktuelle Version)
      Chrome 40.0.2214.115 m (aktuelle Version)

      Es geht um die Aufnahme von Netflix Streams. Es funktioniert nur, wenn man in Chrome (HTML 5), IE und Firefox (mit Silverlight) Videos abspielt. Leider sind in allen drei Versionen nur 720p (und Stereo?) möglich.

      Nutzt man IE11 (HTML5) oder die offizielle Netflix App (aus dem Microsoft Store) kann man zwar in 1080p mit 5.1 Ton abspielen, benutzt man allerdings audials und möchte dann mit dem IE abspielen, fordert er einen auf, das Silverlight Plugin zu installieren. Eine Aufnahme in der Netflix App funktioniert überhaupt nicht, da er die Aufnahme nicht startet und scheinbar kein Video erkennt.

      Für Vorschläge wäre ich sehr dankbar.


      ============ English Version ============
      Hello forum,

      a couple of days ago I bought audials Moviebox 12 and after running some tests I just failed to get it going (with Netflix).

      My Setup (see above in German version)

      It's about the recording of Netflix streams. I only works when using Chrome (HTML 5), IE and Firefox (with Silverlight) for playing videos. Unfortunately all three versions are only capable of 720p (with stereo audio).

      Using IE11 (HTML5) or the official Netflix app (from the Microsoft Store) enables you to watch videos in 1080p and 5.1 audio. If you start audials Moviebox 12 and start recording the IE11 just stop working and ask you to install the Silverlight plugin. Recording the Netflix app doesn't work at all and audials doesn't recognize any video and won't start recording.

      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      sorry, but english is the only language i can respond in

      sometime back i had a similiar issue with video requiring adobe flash, and my browsers (i tried, firefox, IE 11, chrome and opera) - all would work for awhile then they would start giving me issues and asking me to "install adobe flash", which i would but it would never apparently appear installed to the browser.

      i did some research on the web and found the issue is apparently a conflict adobe creates with your network
      adaptor in your computer, whether wireless or ethernet. While this resolved it for adobe flash, it sounds like it's similiar to the issue you're experiencing - to resolve it, you might try:

      go to device manager then to network adaptor - click on it to open it
      and identify the adaptors, and go to the mfgrs website and get the
      latest driver. In my case it was "intel ethernet connection i218-v", and
      even though i had the current driver i downloaded it and re-installed
      it and issue was resolved.
      Yeah, i already purchased last Year Audials Tunebite 11 and one of the main reasons i've upgraded to Audials Tunebite 12 is because of Netflix recording, which is great, but unfortunately i can only record in 720p ?(

      Please Audials Developers, we need "ASAP" a function for recording Netflix in 1080p, because it is a real Pain, if you want for example a Comedy Sitcom Season to Screen-Capture in 1080p, where 1 Episode is approximately 40 Minutes long and for 20 Episodes, it would take weeks to finish!! ...and i can't work on other stuff on my Computer.

      So it would be great if in the near future (maybe the next update?!) you can add the functionality netflix 1080p recording in the background, that would be awesome, because it would save me "alot" of time Screen Capturing all Episodes and other Customers would be grateful too i think, because i've seen lot of people having this issues with Netflix recording.