Installer is unable to remove earlier version.

      Installer is unable to remove earlier version.

      Normally this should not occur, unless your Windows installation is old or it already contains corrupted or incomplete registry entries.

      There are several 3rd party cleaner tools out there which can create such scenarios, like CClearner, Revo, TuneUp, etc .. Windows Registry is not a good idea to be trusted with such 3rd party applications.

      Microsoft is also aware of this problem, this is why they have created solutions for this, however they did not publish a solution for Windows 10 users.

      So, how can you still remove the earlier version:

      - Windows 10:
      You can still use an old tool from Microsoft, called Windows Installer CleanUp Utility 7.2, you can still download it from this posts attachment.

      - Other Windows version, please use Microsoft Fixit tool:

      If none of these would help you further, then you should consider to perform a Windows System Restore or a Clean installation.

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