Only record 4 seconds of live streaming

      Just solved this for manual screen capture - hopefully it will solve your problem too. "The 4 second Problem". Use Chrome. I have an nvidia graphics card and have to address it from that angle, but if your graphics are different hopefully the problem is still similar. Go in to your video card's control center. Select "3D graphics" and then "Programs". Make sure Chrome is set to run with the integrated graphics controller, not the accelerated card. Do the same for Audials, if it is not in the program list add it and also set it to run with the integrated controller. Try to record again. Basically make sure Audials and your browser are only accessing the basic graphics in your system, however you have to configure things to do it.
      It's 2019 now (I'm using Audials MovieBox 2019 too) and I think Windows 10 has some different ways to get to those Graphics settings. I followed ubkma's general directions but had to improvise a bit. This is how I got there (and it worked):

      1. Right-click on desktop; choose "Display Settings"
      2. At the bottom of the "Display" page, click on "Graphics Settings"
      3. There is a field called "Choose an App to set preference"; use the browse button to find "Audials.exe" (should be in your ProgramFiles (x86) folder).
      4. Once Audials is listed, click on it and select "Options"
      5. You will see 2 GPUs listed: one is for "power-saving" and one is for "High Performance". (If there is only 1 GPU listed, aim to find and select the option best resembling a 'low performance'/'low power' option).
      6. Choose the option for "Power saving" (basic performance) - it will be the one that uses the on-board/integrated GPU. The other GPU will be "Radeon, GForce, NVidia" and similar) and these are the accelerated" or "high performance" GPUs.
      7. Re-start Audials so that these settings are picked up, and you should be right.

      The main thing is to ensure, as ubkuma points out, is that Audials.exe is set to use the "power-saving"/"basic performance" option, which will be the integrated (on-board, built-in) GPU. It would seem that (for at least direct screen-capture) the Audials program can only extract the output from a system's built-in graphics, rather than the fancy high-performance graphics cards.