Audials 2018 - Recording from Napster results in unknown tracks

      Audials 2018 - Recording from Napster results in unknown tracks

      I am experiencing an issue that only occurs some of the time. When I am recording tracks from Napster, all tracks are tagged as unknown and the title given to each track is something like 'Recorded at nn:nn'. Yet, if I record the same set of tracks at a different time or from a different location (different network, same PC though), then the tracks are recognized and tagged correctly. What causes the recording process to not recognize tracks in one session but recognize them in another?

      As a test, I recorded a set of tracks last night at home and all tracks were unrecognized. I recorded the same set of tracks this morning from work and all tracks were recognized. The only difference is the network to which I am connected.
      UPDATE! Solved the problem by switching my browser to Firefox from MS Edge.


      I'm having the same problem with Pandora since I updated to the latest Audials One 2018 this morning. Audials now fails to identify the title being captured. I'm unable to test on a different network.

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