Ankündigung How-to-solve: "Windows Media Revocation and Renewal"

      How-to-solve: "Windows Media Revocation and Renewal"

      When processing DRM-protected wma files, Microsoft Windows 7 gives a message with text "Windows Media Revocation and Renewal". T
      his might happen after several files (usually 20 to 30) were processed fine.

      Please check the thread below (with all the posts) for information and explanation on how to resolve this issue:

      How-to-solve : "Windows Media Revocation" Error message

      In addition you can try these listed here below:

      1. Use administrator rights
      Start Tunebite/AudialsOne as Administrator (see attached picture "start as administrator.jpg" - right click on icon and select: run as administrator)

      2. C00D11B1 error
      Please check this thread here for more information:

      How you can help us
      If you found an application (that is not listed in Audials pop-up dialog) that is incompatible and causes this error, please email to our support, so that we can add it to the list here to help other users.

      1. start simply the process explorer: download here
      2. click on Tunebite.exe or AudialsOne.exe and change the view to DLLs (in menu: View > Lower Pane View > DLLs). After that sort the list after company name. See attached screenshot.
      3. please try now to find the suspicious DLLs and double click on it to see further info.
      4. Try now to close (better deinstall) the software/services of these producers and restart Audials
      5. Verify that these software does not channel in anymore DLL into Audials.
      6. Please test, if the revocation message by Windows 7 appears again.

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      "Windows Media Revocation and Renewal"

      Audials is unusable when using Kaspersky Pure. Even when Kaspersky is shutdown, Audials itself is the only application opening the Kaspersky DLL's which it then complains about. It is unrealistic of Audials to expect you to remove what are essential applications on your system. What other fixes are being worked on?
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