Recording error (could not start)/Playback error

      Recording error (could not start)/Playback error


      I just downloaded the platinum version of tunebite as well as the latest version of itunes today. I downlaoded the trial version first then upgraded from there. I've been trying to convert a tv show I got from itunes (I have an HD and regular version I want to convert). My computer runs Windows 7.

      Everytime I try to convert, the error message that shows up says "Recording error (could not start)" or "Playback error." I followed the prompts that came up when I first opened the program after I downloaded it. I've gone and done the HSD detection and that came out fine. After I set everything up the way I want to and I click start, everythings seems to go right, itunes comes up and another window opens up and starts playing my tv show. But after a minute or so, the window closes and the error message shows up. I tried to convert a song I had and it worked fine, its just this video that has problems it seems.

      Any help would be appreciated,


      Recording Error

      I have the same problem. I wrote last week to the support team, but I've not yet received a response. Have I wasted my money on this product? I want to use clips for a presentation, but I cannot get a decent copy. Either it doesn't work at all (with the 'recording error' message) or the final result is choppy with the sound out of sync with the picture.

      tlcsanford schrieb:

      fast forwarded choppy
      Most likely your CPU is not fast/powerful enough and/or you have too much running in the background.

      Tunebite v6 required at least an Intel P4 3.2GHz CPU (or equivalently powerful CPU) to remove DRM from 640x480 video on Vista. More than 2.4GHz was required for 320x240 video.

      Tunebite v6 was unable to convert any protected video of any size on any machine with CPU under 2.00GHz.

      CPU requirements will be and have been the #1 most common problem in video DRM removal. This will be true of any (legal) video drm removal software.

      Vague 2007 CPU requirements:

      As yet, I can find no publicly specified minimum CPU requirement for Tunebite v7 (video DRM removal) and minimum CPU req's for Tunebite v6 are no longer provided.

      My machines (see below) were never able to convert any video with v6, I had to use Tunebite v4 or v5 which had lower CPU minimums.

      With Tunebite v7 I am able to convert protected 320x240 WMV9 to 320x240 WMV7 by shutting down "all" non-essential software and lowering video quality settings from those of the video original. The good news, they have apparently fixed the 2.0GHz technical limitation built into Tunebite v6.

      I suggest someone create a new forum thread titled "Minimum CPU video requirements for Tunebite v7?" and keep "bumping" it every so often until we get an answer (I already been there, done with Tunebite v6).

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      :P Audials v12 :P

      =====> DESKTOP <=====
      3.2GHz Intel® Core™ i5 64bit
      Intel® HD graphics, 1759MB shared video memory
      Windows 7 Home

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      Having same problems, CPU not the issue

      Maybe the CPU is the issue for some people, but it's not mine. I have an Intel quad core 3 ghz, 4 gb RAM, 2 GB video card. Have had this machine since June 2009. Upgraded to Win7 64 bit over News Years weekend, Tunebite 7 Platinum still worked fine. I only started having this problem today, after updating both my Itunes and my Tunebite. Last week, everything worked fine. Converted about 7 episodes of a TV show I bought off of itunes and burned them to a DVD for my 6 yr old. Worked great. Today, after doing automatic updates for itunes and tunebite, now I get the playback error (could not start) initially described here. Haven't changed anything else on my machine. Seems like it must be some kind of conflict with the 2 software updates.

      I have

      tunebite 7.1.2040.3100

      Win7 64bit w/ latest patches

      Will try reverting back to the previous tunebite before this curent update I did today and see if that will work.

      Update: Feb. 8, 2010: Figured out what the problem was (for me). When I updated itunes, my personalized settings were reset (usually they've not been changed in the past). Go into itunes > edit > preferences. On the playback tab, check your settings. In order for tunebite to work properly for me, I have to have crossfade and sound enhancer unchecked. I also have to make sure that it's set to Play movies and TV in a separate window. Also, with this newest version of tunebite, it initially appears that the lip synching is off while tunebite is recording the .m4v file, but once the conversion is done and I play the converted file, the lip synching is spot on and the .avi looks and plays just fine.

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      Recording Error (Could not find video window)

      This is driving me nuts. I've been through Aimersoft & Daniusoft converters and I got the same freaken error (iTunes player error) and then I found Tunebite and thought since this one wasn't a clone of the previous converters, that maybe it would work. Sadly it didn't. I got: Recording Error (Could not find video window)

      All 3 converters used iTunes to open and play video and all 3 would experience the same video cutting off after 1 or 2 minutes of playback. It is driving me crazy. Luckily my friends loaned me these programs so I didn't have to pay for them but sadly non of them work for me. I'm starting to think it has something to do with either my computer or iTunes itself.

      I tried Tunebite Recorder and that actually worked BUT I guess since I don't have the CPU power for it the video lags like crazy as it records. When I play the recorded video it starts off normal but then begins to speed through or lags to the point that it becomes a slideshow.

      So I guess I can't do a thing about my itunes videos. I also tried the trial versions of AVCLabs M4v Converter and Tune4Win Converter (clones) and both only do about 1min or 59secs of video and audio. Even so, they don't open iTunes to do there recording at all and the converted video files play flawlessly (even though it is about 1min long). I don't know how the full version would be. It could still happen with the full version, like it has with all the others but I don't know anyone with this program sadly. So I'm pretty much stuck.

      If anyone can help me figure out this problem for Tunebite, I would be very thankful.

      I despise iTunes but it was the only way for me to get this short film that I wanted to see. It isn't fair that they get to hold my videos that I BOUGHT, hostage.