Choppy Video

      I just bought a video from a donwload service in Japan. Unfortunately, they only support XP, and not Vista, so I cannot view the video on my laptop. So I copied it to my old XP laptop, activated the license and tried to convert with tunebite. It works, but the result is very choppy. The original file is abou 1.5GB and one hour, and the converted one is about 40MB. The sound is OK, but the video is essentially just a sequence of still frames with a couple of seconds in between.

      Yes, I know that my old PC is not built for one hour long video conversion (that's why it is my OLD laptop), but as long as the Japanese site doens't support Vista, it's my only option.

      Any suggestions for settings I can tweak to improve the result?



      I think that unless your old XP laptop is at the very least 2GHz it can not be tweaked enough to convert drm video with Tunebite v6.

      As I understand it: 'because of some compatibility issues, video burst mode in Windows XP was removed in Tunebite 6. This leads to a problem that on some Windows XP computers that are around 1-2 GHz, videos come out jerky.' On the other hand, I think Tunebite v6 may have completely eliminated audio sync problems (which otherwise might occur along with choppiness).


      NB: I have no idea what the 'actual' minimum CPU requirements are for drm video recording when using Tunebite v6.
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