Radio AAC activate?


      what Audials version do you have installed ? .... demo ? standard ? special ?
      look under Audials > Options > General > Product activation to see what version you have installed

      this is important because in the demo, standard, special there are some features that are not activated ... there are available only in the full version
      Hope it helps :thumbsup:
      I got the same message for a particular radio station and am wondering if it's also why that station only plays for 18 seconds and then stops, every time. It's the same piece of music that plays every time too.
      I have Radiotracker Platinum.
      I had a few attempts before I could get the error message to appear again, but I finally got it to appear and was able to check the 'enable permanent...' box and it has now solved the problems I was having in general :D

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