Audials 9 loads malware - or so it seems

      Audials 9 loads malware - or so it seems

      I installed Audials 9 at the weekend and paid for it.

      Yesterday I noticed that my upload to the internet had dropped to about 0.4 mbps.

      I uninstalled it a few minutes ago and my upload speed has increased to 1.09 mbps.

      Your comments please RapidSolution Software AG.

      You have £39.95 of my money and I have a piece of software I cannot use.

      Whilst typing this message Malwarebytes had blocked an outgoing message.

      What are you guys up to?


      I did that two days ago.

      What surprises me is how many people have viewed this message and not made a comment.

      What surprises me more is the total lack of response from the support team. I know they say this is a User to help User forum but I'd have thought the existance of a file with possible malware content would have interested them.

      My email to support has been ignored. The email to digitalriver, who accepted my money, has been ignored.

      Since writing I have loaded another version of Audials and it seems to work OK. I have kept a record of the two different URLs from which the two set-up files originated.

      Nobody connected with the software seems interested. I am bemused.

      Where are the people who run Audials? Are they on holiday? Are they without access to a computer?

      Is the suggestion that there is rogue version of the software on a server somewhere of no interest? Is the possibility that the software can kill the upload speed of a PC of no interest - even if it was only a misload?

      I can do no more than I have done. I have even emailed Cnet who offer downloads of the software.

      We are on our own here, folk - for the moment anyway!

      "You're calling unsigned driver "malware"? That's your point? Come on..."


      Read my message please. I never mentioned drivers. That was the other poster.

      The first version of the software reduced my upload speed from just over 1.05 to 0.45 (ish).

      The version I am using has not touched my upload but it reduces the download from around 8 to 4 even when not doing anything (for me anyway). To get the download back to around 8 I have to close the program.

      If I had software to analyse what the PC is doing I'd use it and post the results. In the meantime I await a message from 'support'.


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      woof schrieb:

      You're calling unsigned driver "malware"? That's your point? Come on... I don't know about your upload speed drops, I don't know why support takes that long, but not making windows logo signing for this quite simple audio drivers does not make them malware.

      As the other poster says read the post then answer the correct one.
      I am saying it loads unsigned drivers and if they are so simple to write try write them correctly, get them signed then you can say the software is ready for the public release. I am using version 8 so it's not as if you have not had time.

      I will give Rapid solutions a few more days before I take legal action over the matter of my Audials 9 which seems to have gone missing from my account.
      Sorry @tonygamble for my misunderstanding or unclear answer, but @boobooboo, rants do not help anyone. When you haven't compared unsigned drivers to malware, why are you posting in this thread, where @tonygamble asked if his download speed drops may be caused by "Audials 9 loads malware - or so it seems". Then you're quite off-topic in here. If you believe you posted on-topic in here, then it was you making the malware to unsigned driver connection.

      I'm no employee, I for myself also dislike how Audials mistreats this forum, but all I can do is try to help. Help is also to say all other readers in here, that unsigned drivers are not that unusual and they are (at least in this case) no sign of malware, no need to fear. Every user denying the driver installation will not get a successful installation, and this will lead to dozens of disappointed questions in this forum.
      Ok Woof,

      Apparently you don't know anything according to your reply, so why bother posting in the first place?

      There is no rant and I'm saying or should have made it clearer that It could very well be that the unsigned drivers which are silently loaded are causing the problem.

      There is no option to allow or disallow unsigned drivers!
      Mine is set to warn or prompt when loading unsigned drivers.Audials installation is for some reason bypassing that option. Unsigned drivers can create havoc with a system over time, sometimes a very short time.

      I suppose you could say it's hijacking the thread but it'scertainly not a rant.
      At least the drivers are possibly behind the problem.

      The reason I posted in this thread is because Tony posted in my thread to look at this thread.
      Then stop hijacking. Because especially you don't have a clue: You just think maybe in some rare case for example couldn't it be that the unsigned drivers may have something unspecified to do with the topic in here. Why are you posting here? Is that any help to @tonygamble? (And no, just because they are unsigned it does not mean the drivers are faulty, "create havoc", are "causing the problem". Certification tests mean additional costs and there may be several other reasons Audials decided not to do this. You don't ask for reasons, you just claim it is causing problems.)

      Thank you for your reply and interest.

      My patience has run out. There is no evidence of presence from the software writers on this forum and they do not reply to emails.

      I have 14 days within which to cancel and have taken that action.

      When there are alternatives around there is no reason to stick with software that has no support.

      Dude the software is here for like ages. The netsniffer is there to help you get your stuff from YT and so on, and is used to detect donwloadable content from regular stuff you download. As for the drop its quite natural really if you let Wishlist run. Otherwise, the Anti malware protection might bottleneck your connection because it considers that you're sucking in too much data at once (usually happends when stuff gets uploaded from your pc).