OK, I can now convert my ITunes M4a music to MP3 (finally!). But how do I get rid of the foolish DRM protection on songs that I have purchased?? Seems everyone skirts this issue, for legality reasons, of course. But I want to lift this pain-in-the-neck protection so I can further utilize songs that I have legally purchased (for personal use, of course)! ;)
      Get Tunebite and use the Converter feature, that will convert protected files to unprotected. Technically it will NOT break DRM but play and record the music with saving to new files, which are named as you like and get tagged correctly. That also means that only files can be converted where you now have a valid license for.

      Sorry, I don't understand how far you got in investigating the solution for your need, as you say on one hand "everyone skirts this issue" but on the other hand you found your way to this forum, where Tunebite is offered.