licence problem

      licence problem

      I bought and have used AO9 recently my hardrive failed and I lost the email with my licence key and also the
      txt file i had kept my keys under. I have contacted Audials support, element 5, Digital River and avanquest as I was not sure anymore which one dealt with the purchase. I have not had a reply from any of them since the 8th of April
      on the 8th Element 5 told me I had purchased audials one 9 but I cannot login under the email address as somehow someone at element 5 has added " -1" to the end of the email adddress. I cannot use the email address to have the key sent because it is not now a valid email address.

      Would someone please get this sorted it cannot be that difficult...I do have a printed version of the purchase but there is no licence key.

      Last message I received on the 8th...........I have removed the links and the first part of my so called email address but as you can see there is the -1 on the end wich invalidates the address. Somebody at element 5 has messed up my email address it cannot be me as an invalid email adddress would never have been accepted in the first place.

      1) Reset your password. Please follow the link below to the designated


      2) You can now log into 'My account' with your user ID and new password

      using the following link:

      Your user ID remains unchanged:

      Last order placed on this user account:

      Date: 04-JAN-2011

      Product: 300057984 Audials One 9

      just like to add...aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh ?(
      Well it seems not only support does not support it's customers nor do it's software sellers.

      I think 6 days is enough for any company to be given time to at least reply to emails.

      I have used Audials for a very long time, this will be my last and the last software of any kind that I buy through any of your affiliates!

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      Hi Tony,
      There are other ways to do all audials does and for free, audials is just a nice all in one generally good bit of kit
      except when you get a problem. Then it's often up to you to sort it out yourself, although there are some good empoyee's at rapid solutions who when they get round to it are very helpful and polite.

      At the moment i'm not to bothered about having to use version 8, it does what i need. It is very annoying to pay for
      something that I cannot get my key for though.

      Chill out have a spliff and turn up the volume, i'm off to watch a movie..see ya ;)
      Hi boobooboo,

      I'm just a bystander, but your initial posting caught my attention

      boobooboo schrieb:

      Last order placed on this user account:

      Date: 04-JAN-2011

      Product: 300057984 Audials One 9

      Something seems odd about this quote: if you indeed purchased in January 2011, then I find it unlikely to believe you did indeed acquire Version 9. Since version 9 was released no sooner than autumn 2011. Or was it some sort of very early preorder?

      Where did you get that information from, exactly? That was a support answer from Element5? Maybe they mixed something up, or it's a typo, or it's some other sort of misunderstanding or miscommunication.
      This is at least my impression, since both Element5 and Audials support accordently seem to have given you a key to version 8, which fits the purchase date you quoted.

      But I might be on the wrong track, as said, I'm just an accidental bystander. If so, pardon my interfering. Hope it all clears up soon.
      you got me thinking now, I still have the email from E5 I would think that they would have just copied the data to the mail. :S

      I guess it's possible, Audials have sent me early versions on a couple of occassions as a thank you for some earlier advice, but i'm sure I did not get involved with Element 5 at the time, they were sent direct from Rapid Solutions.
      At least audials (Rapid Solutions) replied...still to hear anything more from Element 5 a company I will never entertain again that includes Digital River.
      I am seriously considering never to purchase downloadable online software again at least with a hard copy you don't need to deal with companies that don't care what happens once you have paid.

      This will be my last post and last time i buy any product relating to any of the above companies.

      I would like to know how I can close my accounts with all of these and have my data wiped from their records.