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Audials One is the best solution if you seek to “stream and record from virtually any source”. 

Audials One 2019 is a kind of one-stop-shop for all your streaming media, and it enables you to search and have playlists across multiple services. For example, if you like a particular band you can search for that band and get results across YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify and SoundCloud.

In addition to playing music and video content, you can download and convert it. For example, you can automatically record video from Netflix or pull the audio from a YouTube video. The app can convert between formats, so with video you can output to WMV, MP4, MOV and so on.

Dr. Windows

Music, podcasts, internet videos, movies, TV shows - virtually everything you can listen to or watch online gets into the local hard drive with Audials One.

All known video services like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and many more are supported. The new version adds many new services for which Audials One automatically suggests the best recording settings. The quality of the records can be seen in the truest sense.

Almost 10,000 films, TV shows, TV series and other TV content can be viewed on the one hand and - you guessed it - recorded and thus archived in your own video collection. If you just want to watch, you can undock the player as a separate window from the main program and lock in the foreground.


Excellent multi-purpose radio station finder, genre player and radio station recorder in one

Le café du geek

A must for large consumers of multimedia content

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