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How does the press rate the software released by Audials? In our blog, we inform you about how technology experts comment on our products. 

"When we say Audials One 2019 is the best place to discover and save music, we mean it. This section would help you to find, download, record and save music content from various platforms. The compatible sources include YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. Compared to other tools in the market, Audials One 2019 is quite faster. It can even give you music tracks and albums suggestions based on your current taste." 

"Needless to say, Audials One 2019 has one of the best UIs when compared to other media suites in town." 

"There are a lot of new features that were added into this program, but the biggest feature is the new Spotify search engine. This is the first time Spotify has been used as a search engine in the world, and it makes finding music with Audials One 2019 so much easier!" 

"One of the biggest improvements in Audials One 2019 is the new Music section. It has been improved in many ways, including with speed and quality enhancements. The music recordings from both Deezer & Co and Spotify have been highly improved." 

"With the Audials One 2019 software, you will also have a really cool Internet television experience. There is a new player that will be specifically for Internet television, including the ability to run smoothly on older PCs. You can now have high-quality television regardless of the device you are using."

"We know you will love the new program and will love the additional features with the simplified design." (Translation) 

"Audials is a free radio app, too. The menu is designed with clear tiles and the submenus have a clear structure as well. Anybody who likes searching for new radio stations will be able to filter the selection by genre or country inter alia."


Chip (Translation) 

"Nowadays, music fans have lots of opportunities to discover new artists for a low price or even for free in comparison to the pre-Internet era: At that time, you had to record music from the radio in order to create your own cassette. Currently, you can do just that with the Audials Radio 2018 Premium software on your PC: Automatically record your favorite songs from the huge selection of 100 000 radio stations." (about Audials Tunebite Platinum) 

"The streaming content recorder is the most impressive feature of this converter software. It can record audio from your favorite streaming services, like Pandora or Spotify. Not only does it record the audio, but it also separates each song and organizes by artist and song title."



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