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How good are Audials Internet TV and Audials One?

We have studied the press and blog reviews about the Audials software. Here you can read some quotes: 


Computer Bild 6/2019 (Translation) 

“Audials Internet TV is your digital TV central. It unites all available content of more than 40 German and more than 100 international TV channels on one user interface.” 

“This means for you: all the pieces of music that you always wanted to have plus always the latest charts are at your disposal. 

Audials One is also the best streaming recorder for music and audiobooks on Spotify and Amazon Music, or to build your own home video library with the films and series from Amazon, Netflix & Co.” (Translation) 

“The software Audials One can download 10 chart hits from YouTube, for example, within seconds. The download from Spotify even works with 10x speed. The same applies to Spotify audiobooks and audiobooks from Audible converted to MP3 or AAC.” 

“If you enter an artist or a radio station, an individual style is generated. Audials finds further suitable music then.” (about Audials One 2019) 

“The quality of the recordings from Amazon, Spotify and other streaming services has been improved and Optimized for better music experience. 

The tracks are cut accurately at the beginning or the end and particularly when high bit recording has to happen, loss of quality is avoided as far as possible. Best quality music is promised to you!” 

“Audials opts the best possible audio track for you to download from YouTube directly.” (about Audials One 2019, Translation) 

“YouTube videos – downloading music from YouTube. This is also supported and is equally interesting! Because with the Batch feature, you can give the program YouTube links that are successively downloaded.” 

“Audials One 2019 also lets you play music and video files that you already have stored on your computer, not specifically downloaded using Audials. So Audials is also kind of the one a media center for your PC which brings all of your content into one place. An in-built screen recorder also lets you record literally anything that is playing on your screen.” 

The highlighting is not in the original texts. 


Have we aroused your curiosity?

You can download Audials One for free from our website. 

The free Audials Internet TV Player is available in the Microsoft store.  

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