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New! Audials Informer December 2019

The year 2019 is approaching the end, this also implies that the Christmas season is just right around the corner. We started to look around which music, movies and series could be the best entertainment for you during this delightful time and put a few suggestions together.

Top Chart Hits

Audials Brandnew keeps you posted about which songs got recently released.

More Variety of Music

Tired of your current playlist? We're happy to help. You can discover different types of music right here:  Entertain Music

Movie and Series Tips

 Audials Movie and Soundtracks facilitates decision-making by giving you a good overview of movie and series offers as well as documentaries of the major streaming services.

Songs, Suitable for Every Mood

To contract the time until the upcoming Christmas season, we set up a wishlist with matching songs for you: Audials Moods. 

Audials Podcast Recommendations

You're more into podcasts? We too! We saved a really good one: Audials Podcast of the Month.

Lyrics of the Month

The Music itself is able to evoke emotions, but the lyrics convey more details. Which song could be the right fit for you in terms of the lyrics? Find out here: Audials Lyrics.

Independent Music

Let our playlist Independent Hits of the Month surprise you with new Indie finds and discover what songs different artists offer.

Artists of the Month

Can't get enough of several songs from the same artist? Find songs from four artists who were born in November: Audials Tribute 

Tip of the Month

Do you prefer streaming music on Spotify? Then a new feature of Audials One and Audials Movie 2020 might be interesting for you. This new feature makes it possible for you to record Spotify with tenfold of the speed (compared to the playback speed). If you start the Spotify app a second time with Audials, the recording will be even faster. Click here for guidance.

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