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New! Audials Informer November 2019

What helps against dark days in autumn? You know it, we guess: A cup of tea or coffee, a warm blanket and music or a movie. We have been looking for songs so that you will have the impression that the sun still shines as in summer. 

Our top 10 of the recent songs

In Brandnew, you will find the ultimate playlist with the newest songs for this month!

Entertain Music

You would like to get music that is sorted by genre? That is very simple thanks to Entertain Music

Movies, Series & Soundtracks

You are interested in new movies and series? You will find a selection of the best ones that are streamed since October in Audials Movies and Series.

Entertain Moods

Maybe you are looking for music for a specific purpose: For making sports, for a party, or just for relaxing and a good mood. Then we recommend you Audials Moods

Podcast of the Month

Humans often can misunderstand certain things, and there are some cases in history that are worth mentioning and that are presented in the Audials Podcast of the Month

Independent Music

What songs can indie artists offer us this month? You will learn it in the section Independent Hits of the Month

Lyrics of the Month

The lyrics we have chosen for the November newsletter deals with the question whether it is worth adapting to other people when you are different than them. 

Audials Tribute

The artist of the month are André Rieu, Jessye Norman, Sting and Chris de Burgh. Playlists with their music can be found in Audials Tribute.

Tip of the Month

Do you already know? You can record Netflix with Audials One 2020 in FullHD. It is explained in the instruction how you can use this feature. 

You missed an Informer?

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