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What are the advantages of Audials software? You can learn about them in this article. (about Audials Music Tube) 

“Audials delivers the latest charts every week: Rock, Pop, Music Video, Dance, US Single, 80s or the US Music Video Charts. Listen to each song or download it in seconds. This also works for several songs or even the entire list.” 

“Tell Audials your favorite genre, e.g. Heavy Metal and you get a lot of artists and bands that can be assigned to this genre, listed clearly and you can go through the entire discography of each musician, play all and download individual pieces of music or all at once. In a few minutes, you will get a lot of new music from Audials.” (translation) 

“The styles have been added to the already available features. The users of Audials One 2019 get the opportunity now to obtain a huge amount of suitable music very fast after having entered musicians and radio stations.” 

“The operation of Audials One 2019 is a paradigm shift. It is based on the content and not on the function now. Like this, users find all functionalities directly when they open the tracks, radios, movies and videos.” (translation) 

“With the Audials Radio Android app, the user can choose between more than 80 000 offered webradios which he can record. Automatic recording is also possible.” 

“Those who use the ‘Mass Storage’ feature can determine the number of the recorded songs or the maximum volume of the saved data. Then you choose a music genre, press ‘Start’ and have these songs on your device after some time. The recorded music consists of songs that are streamed by Internet radios, it means that it was permitted to legally record them.” (translation) 

“Rock, pop, dance, rap or classical music: With the ‘Audials Radio 2019 Premium’, you download your favorite music on your home PC. Alternatively, you can save the songs directly in clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.” 

“The ‘Audials Radio’ records selected streams from more than 82.000 available radio stations (112 000 Internet radio stations in the paid version)  simultaneously as WMA or MP3.” 

“If you like, you can program the software to record a radio broadcast, for example the music of your favorite radio channel on Wednesday and on Friday from noon to 2 p.m.” 

“It is practical that songs can be cut and normalized with a small audio editor. Moreover, the ‘Radiotracker’ makes it possible to convert parts of songs to ringtones as MP3, AMR or MMF files and to use an equalizer for the ideal sound.” 

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