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New! Audials Informer January 2021

Find out what music, movie, and series highlights are available this time in the Audials Informer newsletter. We thank you for your interest and your loyalty and wish you a pleasant start to the new year! 


The Latest Music Charts

Are you curious about which songs have been released in the last few weeks? You can find the latest hits in Audials Brandnew

Enjoy the Variety of Genres

Whether pop, rock, US singles, music videos, oldies or dance hits: Entertain Music offers you a wish list for each of these genres! 

Independent Hits

In addition to the wish lists for the different genres, we have selected further hits for you under Independent Hits

Songs for Every Mood

No matter if you need to be cheered up, are in a romantic or melancholic mood, or want to chill out: In Entertain Moods you get the right wish lists. 

Movie and Series Tips

Find out in our movie and series tips what the big video streaming services have to offer this time. 

Lyrics of the Month

What it's like to do or say something that you later deeply regret and would prefer to undo is described in the song "Train Wreck" by James Arthur. You can take a look at the lyrics here

Tip of the Month

Audials is now available as an Android app with a new design. It allows you to transfer your music collection wirelessly from your PC to your smartphone and listen to radio & podcasts. Learn more about the app's features here

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