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Audials Tips: Schedule Live Streaming Recording & Music Tag Search

Audials Newsletter March 2024

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In our last newsletter, you were introduced to the new listening mode for music. For an ideal music experience, you of course also need a neatly organized music collection with album covers and lyrics. Today, we present to you the search engine that perfects your collection.

Would you like to watch a livestream that starts in half an hour but need to prepare food first? Audials One 2024 helps you not miss any livestreams. We'll show you how in this newsletter.

Our Tip: How to Schedule Recordings of Livestreams

With Audials One 2024, you won't miss any livestreams on Twitch or Facebook Live. Simply set the start time and Audials One will automatically begin recording. It can be stopped at any time, and afterwards, you will have the livestream as a video file on your hard drive.

Record live streams

Our Tip: How to Add ID3 tags, Cover Images, and Lyrics

If you feel that certain songs in your collection could use better cover images or suspect you've entered something wrong while editing, then use the designated tag search engine to find the right information.

Hover over a song and click the pencil icon. The audio editor opens. Go to the "Tags" tab. Here you can identify the song with the search and look for suitable tags. You can choose whether the search engine retains the title and artist or checks all information about the song. If you are satisfied with the search results, save them immediately.

Find lyrics, ID3 tags, cover art

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