Creating your Audials account

Your Audials account allows you to sign in to Audials One for easier setup and smoother using across several devices, and provides you access to the forum and the Audials Community.
An Audials account allows you to
  • Back up user data.
    • restore user data in case of a hard drive crash
    • transfer your user data from one installation to another
  • Sync and share.
    • synchronize radio station favorites across your devices
    • share media files across your devices, for example across your PC and your smartphone
    • share media files and wishlists with friends
    • share wishlists with other users in the Audials Community
  • Communicate.
    • communicate with other users in the Audials forum
    • contact the technical support team via e-mail

Signing up with Audials One

  1. In the main toolbar in the navigation, click , and then click Sign up for a free Audials account....
  2. Choose a user name and password, and fill out the other details.
  3. Click Create account.

FAQs about Audials accounts

Do I have to be signed in to use all the functions in Audials One?
No. All of the recording and conversion functions of Audials One can be used without being signed in. However, in many cases, signing in does at least allow for a simpler setup, or for getting certain things done more easily and quickly. For example, signing in on several devices automatically connects those devices via Anywhere, thus allowing you to share media files across those devices.
I have already created an account for the Audials forum. May I use this account to sign in to Audials One?
Yes. If you have already created an account for the forum or Community, you do not need to create a new one.