Anywhere: Connecting to own and external media collections

Access your media collection on-the-go with your smartphone, tablet or another PC. Or share your media collection with friends.

Step-by-Step: Anywhere: Connecting to own and external media collections

  1. Install an Audials product on the device you want to connect your media collection to.
    Tip: You can install free Audials products to use Anywhere features:
    • Install the free version Audials Light on other computers.
    • Install the free Audials app on your smartphone.
  2. Start Audials One on your PC and sign in with your Audials account.
  3. In the navigation, click one of the Media center views.
  4. On the toolbar, click and follow the instructions.
    Available Anywhere devices are displayed in the list of available storages on both connected devices.
  5. Access your own media collection from external devices or access your friend's media collection from your PC.
    • On a PC or tablet: Click Export/import storage and choose the media collection to display.
    • On a smartphone: Tap .
    Note: Prerequisites for displaying and exchanging media files with Anywhere devices
    • To access your own collection from external devices, make sure to be signed in with your account on both devices.
    • To access your friend's collection, make sure to be both signed in with your account.
    • Both connected devices are switched on and connected to the Internet.
    • Audials runs on both devices.


You can now see, play and transfer media files between the connected devices or media collections.

FAQs about Audials Anywhere

Where can I see and edit all my Anywhere connections?
In any media center view choose Functions > to see and edit all your Anywhere connections.