The Universal Converter

Convert media files to other formats with the Converter. This makes your media collection playable on all your devices.

Convert your media files:

  • Convert media files to a format that is compatible with a special playback device, for example an MP3 player.
  • Convert media files to unrestricted file formats like MP3, WMA AAC and others...

How can I find out which output formats are supported by my playback devices?

External devices use preferred formats for playing back media files (e.g. AAC/M4A used by the iPod).

To find out which output formats are supported by your playback devices, or which formats work with those devices best, check the manufacturer's information.

Audials One offers Conversion Presets which work well for the most popular devices.

Figure 1. The status line. Set a conversion profile and control the recording and converting process in the status line.

Symbols used in the Converter view

Table 1. General symbols used throughout Audials One. See more symbols ...
Symbol Description Meaning
Hand This symbol denotes buttons, with which you can stop running processes. You can stop individual recording and conversion processes, or you can click Stop all to stop all recordings and processes currently running.
Arrow This symbol labels buttons, with which you can start recordings and other processes like downloading and converting.
Gear wheel This symbol denotes files that are currently being processed by Audials One (cutting, tagging, converting, ...).
Red exclamation point This symbol denotes files on which an error has occurred during playback, recording or converting, or post-processing.
Table 2. Symbols used for Converter. See more symbols ...
Symbol Description Meaning
Padlock This symbol denotes files for which playback is restricted in some way. For example, playback could only be possible on this computer, or only possible with a valid music service subscription.