Output format settings

Have all your recordings converted automatically to the desired file format by choosing a conversion profile or creating your own conversion profile with custom settings.

Figure 1. Output format settings.
  • Format settings button
  • conversion profile
  • details and custom settings

Choosing a format for new recordings

Set one universal output format for all your recordings.

Step-by-Step: Choosing a format for new recordings

  1. On the status line on the bottom of the Audials One window, click Format (compare Figure 1).
  2. Click Convert and create all files in the format.
  3. Choose a conversion profile that suits the purpose of your recordings.
    What do you want to do with your recordings? Conversion profile
    Diverse Universal (MP3/MP4)
    Edit tags Universal (MP3/MP4)
    Export to Apple devices iPhone / iPad / iPod (AAC/MP4)
    Export to external device Universal (MP3/MP4)
    Burn to a DVD Optimized for burning to a DVD (MP3/AVI)

    The Universal (MP3/MP4) conversion profile is highly recommended as best universal choice for the needs of most users.

    • This profile ensures the recordings can fully be edited, for example tagged and cut.
    • This profile converts videos quickly and with a minimum of computer resources, using the MPEG4 H264 Superfast encoder.
    Restriction: Universal (MP3/MP4) is not available in the demo version and Audials Light.
  4. Click OK.


The format settings button shows your new output format settings. All future recordings are automatically converted to the selected format.

Customizing a conversion profile

Based on one of the predefined conversion profiles, you can choose dedicated audio and video output settings, and save your custom settings as a new profile.

Step-by-Step: Customizing a conversion profile

  1. On the status line on the bottom of the Audials One window, click Format (compare Figure 1).
  2. Under conversion profile details (compare Figure 1), select custom settings for audio and video files.
  3. Click Save to save your settings as a new conversion profile, and then click OK.